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Thread: The OTHER Awoonga species!

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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    well done

    cheers nino

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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    Yes, I am impressed. There are other species in Awoonga that I stop and often wonder about. My sooty experience and yellowbelly experience is about as equal to my golf experience,,,which is almost zilch. I often wonder about tactics required to "target" these species, and how present they really are in a system dominated by barra tactics. I have caught a sooty and a saratoga from Awoonga, but they have both been incidental by-catches! I take my hat off to all and sundry who catch these 'other' species in Awoonga! I just wonder what is available? Even the jacks possibly adopt movements that see them less available to barra methods!
    A wondering Johnny M

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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    I have the same thoughts Johnny M so am going to trial a few different things at Easter time just to see if there are any differences between techniques in salt as against fresh, especially for Jack. Not going to spend to much time on them though .

    Josh caught the sooty on an old prawn bottom bouncing with lead shot on a 2 kg line, while waiting to go Barra fishing. He was most impressed. I've heard about the stocking with Yellowtail Bream and Mullet etc. but have not targeted them yet. Maybe when I get sick of Barra fishing


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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    Great fish mate hope to get a few of those when i head up there shortly

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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    G'day Hadrigger

    When are you heading up? We've got 7 days over Easter so may catch up with you.

    Here is another Awoonga species that I'm sure NOBODY targets, but heh, talk about optimistic

    That's a 48mm bibless and a 49mm catty


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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    mate caught a good 'toga while fishing with me in october there, also I got a decent long tom!? on my january trip while casting in the timber. I was aware of garfish being in there but not long toms...

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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    gr8 pics good to see kids enjoying the fishery what size were the yellow and the sooty


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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    G'day Andrew

    The Yella was 58cm and the Sooty went 42cm, so he was pretty impressed!


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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    what dead baits work in awoonga? I've caught barra in saltwater on prawns before... the same for fresh?

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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    I've not personally caught any Barra on dead bait up at Awoonga, but the Sooty was taken on a smlly old prawn!!


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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    is there much live bait around?

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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    G'day Az

    There's stacks of the little Banded Grunters which are supposed to be good for live bait but we haven't tried them.....yet. We catch them on dead prawns or just about anything else!!


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    Re: The OTHER Awoonga species!

    nice fishes mate

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