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Thread: Passing on the Skill

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    Passing on the Skill

    This is whats its all about. Great grandad passing it all on to Great Grandson

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    And the result - rubbish fish I know but gee they go hard. Tough fishing outta your own backyard too lol

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    i'm looking at that fish in the pic,,,,,,,,,is it a TILAPIA????????? NOXIOUS FISH!!!!
    or am i totally wrong? where abouts are you fishing? creek, lake, dam, state? etc just extremely interested in that fish. do you catch many????
    johnny M

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    Yep its a tilapia. They get knocked on the head & buried. Its one of the freshwater lakes on the GC and its full of the buggers. The daughter has only recently bought the place so I only fish it when on holidays. But the SIL fishes it all the time and catches heaps. Berleys up with bread.

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    excuse my ignorance gunna, but where/what is the GC?

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    Sorry - Gold Coast, Qld.

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    really, are they that common down there in the gold coast area. damn that!!

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    A Granddad to pass down his piscatorial prowess, and fishing available from your back fence ... the kids have it made! Half their luck..

    SquareBear 8)

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    well done mate,

    if you dont mind which lake is full of the tilapia on the GC, i live at robina and wouldnt mind having a crack at em for a bit of fun

    any advice mate



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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    Its on your doorstep just about. Lake Hugh Munz. There are a few small parks that front onto it. Check some out with a slice of bread just on dark. You will soon see whether there are any fish about. It has a good variety too. Big eels, freshwater gar and some others I am yet to idenify but they look quite bassy. The lake can be fairly weedy so a float might help also. We just use bread as bait.

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    what is the main species caught in there, is it tilapia


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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    Can't answer that. I am in Sydney so its only when I get up for a weekend that I can fish it. The kids fish it a bit and have only caught tilapia - but that only mucking round with bread. When we berley I have seen 2 other species but none have been caught for posotive id. One of these trips I will try a popper in the evening & see what happens.

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    Great pics mate
    Most of my fishing started with my granddad too,lucky for me he had lots of patience

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    My first memory of fishing was with my grandad using a rod made of local shrub with a line tied to the end and a cork float with earthworms.
    Classic Tom Sawyer stuff catching fresh water fish I think they were perch.

    Cool stuff.

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    Re: Passing on the Skill

    Good pics - great backyard, wish I had that view

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