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Thread: Show us your cod

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    Re: Show us your cod

    above is incorrect picture.... sorry still trying to figure out how to do this I will try again!

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    Re: Show us your cod

    Hey guys, you havent lived until you've caught Murray Cod in a canoe.

    Got this 15lb er at Glenlyon last year bait fishing for yellas.

    Got it on 4lb fire line on 1 o hook live shrimp (yeah i know, boring fishing but my mate wanted to do a bit of bait fishin)

    My biggest is 21kg trying to scan film at this stage, but this is the better photo.

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    Re: Show us your cod

    New at the photo thing will try and make it better

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    Re: Show us your cod

    Try again

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    Re: Show us your cod

    Disregard lure in background

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    Re: Show us your cod

    holy S*** u guys get some good cod the biggest cod ive caught is like #45 cm tops! anyway nice fish congratulations on them all[smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]

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    Re: Show us your cod

    My small cod tagged and released.


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    Re: Show us your cod

    Here is my 21kg cod caught at glenlyon 9 years ago on 4 kg line

    Kept this one, pretty much only catch and release now


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    Re: Show us your cod

    Geez im hopeless at the photo thing

    pic soon >

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    Re: Show us your cod


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    Re: Show us your cod

    This is a pic of my cod caught at Copeton Dam a few years back. Roughly measured at 130cm long and 50cm deep. Let it go as they are more valuable back in the system.Cheers
    oops. no pic. I am working on it.

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    Re: Show us your cod

    Looking forward to seeing it mate!.

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    Re: Show us your cod

    Here is a beautiful little fella from the Peel River near Tamworth. Go the Jackall!!!

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    Re: Show us your cod

    wow nice fish to everyone havnt got one yet but heading away this weekend hope to have some photoes 4 you guys

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    Re: Show us your cod

    nice cod mate i am also a local tamworth fisho ........all the time so ya i fish the paradise caravan park for good sized yellas although this winter has been quite . any tips or locations doin well.....

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