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Thread: $15 well spent

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    Re: $15 well spent

    Hehe, hey George, had the mat for a while, saw it cheap and thought it was a good way to prove the huge catches I get lmao.

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    Re: $15 well spent

    Nice work Karl and from the tuppaware as well, I can imagine just how much fun that would have been.

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    Re: $15 well spent

    Shayne, You'll have to come up one weekend and we'll go have a bash at em when you get yours mate, otherwise, I'll have the scupper pro in a month or so and you can borrow the espri for the day.

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    Re: $15 well spent

    You're on my damp bottomed friend.

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    Re: $15 well spent

    At least the weather will be warming up soon...

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