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    baby bass

    I reckon bass would have to be one of the best sportfish in the fresh or salt. have a look at the little fella that belted this lure.
    Myself and Themissus were down in Lennox for saturday night staying with freinds and we were due to head down to evans head for my Boardriders club round but due to lack of waves it was cancelled. Being prepared for such a situation we altered plans for to a leisurely sunday drive and a bit of a fish. A workmate of Themissus had mentioned a spot down that way so we set off to find it. Not too difficult as it turns out. Anyway after a bit of treking down a slippery track we started casting into the pool at the base of the falls. after a about 1 hour, I was winning the tournament 2-1. The squidgy wriggler with a small gold beetle spin was the winning formula. I should add that Themisses cought her bass on my combo after a snag incident required me to put the killer combo down and my second was caught on her combo after i extricated the lure from the snag. . The next hour or so was spent walking down stream to a few other fishy looking pools. I lost another small fish at my feet when it popped out from the ledge under my feet to smash the lure as i retreived it back through some fast running water at the front of a small shallow pool. We finally called it quits at midday after this little baby bass monstered my lure in the middle of a large slow moving pool. Final tally was 3 landed to 1 and i should add that they gradually got smaller as we moved downstream. I spoke with the original informant and I'm told if I go a lttle further down below another set of rapids they tend to find the bigger specimens down there. Next time maybe.

    Great morning, wouldn't be dead for quids. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    cheers, Roo [smiley=cowboy.gif]. (and Themissus [smiley=gorgeous.gif])

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    Re: baby bass

    the falls

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    Re: baby bass


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    Re: baby bass

    Lovely spot Roo, just having a look at that beetle spin rig, do you attach the leader on the loop at the spinner? I have a few of those, but thought you put the leader on the second loop.

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    Re: baby bass

    My Dear Roo,
    You neglected to mention the "rocky track" was a sheer bloody cliff face!! Lucky i'm insured. And the 2 snakes. One of which you nearly hooked. (It looked like a stick next to a fishy looking snag.) You would have been on your own getting that off. It is a beatuiful spot. Under the falls would be a great spot in summer. Couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. Except winning the fish count.

    The challange is on for Lake Monduran next week!!

    Cheers Kim. LOL.

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    Re: baby bass

    Nice spot Roo catching a fish would have just been a bonus. Next time your down give us a call mate and well have to catch up again.
    Dont suppose you want to PM me the creek name?


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    Re: baby bass

    You are right, it's just the way he is holding the line between his fingers.
    Cheers Kim.

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    Re: baby bass

    Ah ok, thanks Kim

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    Re: baby bass

    great looking place.

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    Re: baby bass

    It is a beautiful place, but I perfer Clarrie Hall Dam. I find it the pools are easier to fish. Less snags in the middle of the pools. If there is something to snag up on I' ll find it!! It is a really relaxing fishing just wandering from pool to pool.

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    Re: baby bass

    Quote Originally Posted by Canoedle
    Lovely spot Roo, just having a look at that beetle spin rig, do you attach the leader on the loop at the spinner? I have a few of those, but thought you put the leader on the second loop.
    yeh, what she said.
    I also like the medium size blade rather than the small size blade. You can really feel it humming through the rod and the braid and it will travel much slower.


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    Re: baby bass

    Cheers mate

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