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    Tailor fishing Southport - lets try again

    Sorry I posted this message under freshwater Duh! ???Is it too late to fish for tailor at the sand pumping jetty #This year 2 trips yielded 2.5 and 3.2 kegs o fillets from 15 and 18 fish not a bad return I felt. Probably would have done some more but while on a bream sojourn at bruns with my bro..I was burgled.. lost all my reels but the slimes left my rods..oh well..thank heaven for insurance # But I would like to catch a snodger. # Can anyone tell me about snooding and snells with diagrams and or what books to buy. #???bloody BNB the more I read the more I want # thankyou in advance.
    joseph..jaybee is my initails #

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    Re: Tailor fishing Southport - lets try again

    The choppers are still on the jetty - 3/4 way out on the southern side - after dark/ daylight/sunset is best.
    Were thicker last month but still a few there.
    Get Geoff Wilson's Millenium Edition knot book - bit hard to explain / draw snoods on the Net!

    Keep reading BNB - its right on the money!

    Dave ><<>

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    Re: Tailor fishing Southport - lets try again

    Thanks Dave much appreciated

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    Re: Tailor fishing Southport - lets try again

    Just about all the gutters have good choppers at the moment. Some real good Green backs are being landed from Main Beach as well. A good spot to try is to take the water taxi over to South Straddie & fish the end of the nothern wall, good Tailor in there, as well as Trevally, Jew.
    Gold Coast

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