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    How to clean Gummy/School sharks effectively

    Hi there peoples

    I have decided to take shark this year as a recreational fisher. Am allowed 2 per trip down here in Tassie.

    My question is how do you clean these fish so that you get the best possible tasting fillets from them devoid of all that ammonia type smell and taste?

    I cleaned one last year, beautiful fillets but tasted awful. Cleaned and filleted fresh so I know I was doing something wrong.

    Would appreciate a response here and in a fashion that is easily understandable.



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    Re: How to clean Gummy/School sharks effectively

    We never eat them same day as caught. Head,tail and fins all come off straight away,then skin or fillet and then skin. We give the meat around the belly to the dogs as tastes pretty bad but they love it. Refrigerate overnight. Thats what we do anyway.
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: How to clean Gummy/School sharks effectively

    good news to know
    hey i heard something about putting the fillites in milk to get rid of some of that bad taste.. whats the deal there?

    what sharks are good to eat.. or what aren't..
    just a general few sharks would be cook, tiger, whalers, etc. ... thanks

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    Re: How to clean Gummy/School sharks effectively

    G'day Guys.
    As a gummy filleter, I make a good fisherman.
    One of my mates is pretty slick when filleting gummies.
    I've never had one with ammonia taste - that could have something to do with bleeding + cleaning them ASAP.

    Anyway, my mate fillets the flesh all the way to the tail, but leaves it attached to the spine. The fillet is the flipped so it lays skin down.
    (Make sure your knife is sharp) Start the fillet by cutting through the flesh, almost to the skin. Keep the blade in the same position and hang onto the tail pull the carcass/fillet assembly while shifting it side to side with strong downward pressure on the blade (but keep it horizontal & parallel to the skin as you would when filleting normally).
    This takes a bit of practice, but leaves you with magnificent flake fillets without leaving heaps on the skin.

    hope this helps

    Cheers, Slates

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    Re: How to clean Gummy/School sharks effectively

    Hi Guys

    Appreciate your comments so far. It appears that none of you have had that 'ammonia' taste with your sharks.
    The one I cleaned last year was a beauty. cleaned it pretty much straight away, so I was disappointed with the end result. Lovely looking fillets. Just a really awful taste like ammonia or real salty or whatever.

    The cleaning methods you talk about are similar to mine with the filleting and the skinning. I am cleaning most of my fish these days that way.

    With bleeding, what is the best area to bleed them? Is it the throat or behind the back of the head?

    Any other ideas? Should I hang them up by the tail to drain them for instance?
    Any other tricks?

    Ive neglected taking these sharks up until now, but I figure if I get the right info then they are worth a go

    Thanks again

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    Re: How to clean Gummy/School sharks effectively

    G'day Islander,
    the way I've been shown is whack the tail straight off first,then head and fins right off. You'll get a stack of blood straight out of the tail. Don't bother just cutting the throat, get the lot right off and steak up the way Slates described.
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: How to clean Gummy/School sharks effectively

    refrigerating gets rid of some ammonia taste as does a bit of herbs and spices. Little bit won't hurt you anyway if you can put up with the smell. Jason, we've only eaten the river whalers but might give that milk trick a try.

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