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    fishing equipment


    I surf fish here in the U. S. I would like to try one of your Australian surf rods and reels. I do not know which one to purchase. At the present time I'm using 20 lb. test on an 11 ft. rod with a fin-nor reel . Any info would be appreciated on length of rod, line, type of reel and technique.


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    Re: fishing equipment

    check out the Alvey range in Ausfish's home page under "Products". Another bloke named Scott from your part of the world bought some Alvey products and from his posts sounds happy with them. Check out his posts.
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: fishing equipment

    gday bill
    #you didn't say if you fish off the beach or off the headland. best bet is the alvey range of reels low mantance and will take a dunking rods about 12 feet long with the reel close to the end of the butt will cover things nicely
    the alvey is a side cast reel that is you trun a lever and twist the reel to 90 degree to the rod and then cast as normal , turninng the reel back to wind in the line . line weight is up to you as it will take any lb line average size of the reels is between 6 to 8 inches

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