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    Hot barramundi fishing

    G'day one and all.

    Just a brief note to let you know that I am taking a group of anglers up to Weipa in april 2002 to fish the opening of the Barra season.

    If you want to join us aboard the - air conditioned - 15 metre Eclipse for 7 days of hot angling then let us know. -

    This included fly anglers too. Details and costs below:

    Get in quick because two places have already gone fro the trip starting 3 April 2002.

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    Re: Hot barramundi fishing


    Just got back from the Eclipse. Great operation!!!

    Cobia on Fly.

    We found the Barra didn't want to play, but heap of Queenies.


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    Re: Hot barramundi fishing

    Geez Wes,
    That looks like FUN!!

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    Re: Hot barramundi fishing

    Yep they run a great mothership/operation Wes. We plan to be their April 3-11, 2002 and just for the Barra opening.

    While hot during the day the onboard aircon will be a double bonus

    If you, or others, want to join us then give me a call soon as only a few slots are left. I will be one of the guides.

    07-3311 5262

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