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    YOUR HELP NEEDED, save the pilchards

    As you may or may not be aware, the Department of Primary Industries has put a paper requesting applications for a developmental fishing permit to harvet Pilchards from the NSW/QLD border to the breaksea spit.

    Pilchards are not currently being commercially harvested in Queensland, but there was a previous 3 month trail which resulted in dolphins being killed.

    Not only will the Pilchards be getting a beating but the by catch outlined in the paper are Maray, Yellowtail and Blue Mackeral. That basically cleans up the rest of the baitfish important to sustain fish life!

    The paper starts that they will harvert 5000 tonnes of fish yer year, killing off over 20% of the total biomass!!!

    Only 21 people or going to be employed by this fishery, what a load of sh*t.

    For the sake of 21 people they are going to distroy the total east coast recreational fishery! For the sake of 21 people, how many people will become unemployed in the guiding and charter industry due to lack of fish.

    Its time for all us fishos out there to get off your arses and do something about it.

    WE need all the letters of protest we can get!

    Send your thoughts to-

    Queensland Fisheries Service
    Developmental Fisheries
    GPO Box 46
    Brisbane Qld 4001

    you can also ring: (07) 3239 0439
    or Fax your protest to: (07) 3225 1823

    again please we need your help, and im sorry if i have crapped on but its something that needs to be stopped!!!!

    ACT NOW, before its too late

    thanks, Justin

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    Re: YOUR HELP NEEDED, save the pilchards

    Hi Thunnus,
    Didn't we go through all this about the pilchards before? I seem to remember that they approved the netting and then revoked it becase of dolphin kills etc. Maybe the fatcats should take a memory enhancement course. About the only subject they are interested in is their super. When I first saw this on the news I mentioned to a couple of people that we should do something [ I have ]. Too many unfortunatly think it is someone elses responsibility.

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