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    Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )


    Come accross a school of Dollies yesterday & couldn't temp them with lures ( Lasers & Raiders or pillies ) Trolling wasn't really an option as we arn't real big on it & we were drifting at the time.

    So what gets them???

    We did have livies, but there were way too big for these Dollies.

    Gold Coast

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    Re: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )


    We used to go after the dollies stationed under fish-trap buoys down at Forster. Best lures we found were Li'l Jerks, small pink-skirted lures, and Xmas trees. We always trolled the lures very close to the buoys.
    At times, when they seemed a bit too lazy to chase lures, we'd drift past the buoys and chuck unweighted fresh fish strip baits at them - often that would work.
    But there are times in the day when those little buggers will sit there and just look at you while you throw everything in the boat at them - just like Kingies.
    Worth perservering though - a spectacular fighter, and superb to eat. Don't try freezing them, though - they're only fit for the berley bucket after that.

    Jim Linden

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    Re: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )

    Jim I always chase Dollies as well and have always froze them successfully. To do this though you have to skin the dolphin fish, because if you leave the skin on it leaves a taste that degrades the quality taste of the fish.

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    Re: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )

    Hi Guys

    Have any of you ever seen that documentary where this guy in a speed boat equipped with harpoon goes out spots a school and then chases them, runs up alongside of them then spears them!

    Fantastic stuff. He does it for a living.

    While im on the documentary thing, another absolute pearl was a chinese one. An old guy called kwongman who fished on a bambooo raft with cormorants as his catchers.

    Magical stuff.

    PS No i'm not on drugs!


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    Re: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )

    The Mahi Mahi is the pelagic equivalent of a flathead. The size of the livie really dosen't matter as it will usually have a go at it. If the livie's you have look to big for the class of dollies, fish them live with a stinger hook in the tail. Remember though, the bulk of the larger dolphin fish are generally about a hundred meters away from the bouy and just out of visibility. Hope this helps. ??? ???

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    Re: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )

    mon 5-11-2001 we pulled a 12.5kg dollie at 110 fthm stanwellpark canyons!
    Also a 13 kg fin, 2 fish not often caught together.! temp different #19deg and 20 deg.
    # # # # # # # # # fin # # # # # # # # dollie.

    regarding them shutting down #,persisting with burley for a hour ,using poppers, jigs throwing buckets of water in ,starting up the engine,fresh or salted stripie usually works for me.

    cheers alby

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    Re: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )


    Bucktail jigs, strips baits and or the deck hose sprayed around will sometimes ge them going. If they are shut down it usually means their bellies are full.

    Speaking of mahi, check this 62 pounder out:

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    Re: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish )


    That is a Gem..!!! #Makes my eyes water #

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