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    best home made sand fly repellent

    fishing in the mangroves you soon learn the horror of sand flies. store bought repelents just dont work(none that cost under $10) so here it is, my home remedy,
    1: 50g net zinc cream
    2:6 or 7 drops of bleach
    3: 6 or 7 drops of citronela lamp oil
    4: 2 drops of vinegar
    total price under $3 a tube
    just squeez a little zinc out to make room for the other ingredients. drop the bleach, oil and vinegar strait into the tube. adding a tiny split shot sinker to the mix will help conbine the ingredients when you shake it. shake well before each use as the ingredients separate quickly and finaly, enjoy your fishing

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    Re: best home made sand fly repellent

    I've been fishing at Sandfly Heaven..........Turkey Beach. And my potion goes like this..

    1 part baby Oil, 1 part Metho and 1 part Dettol. trust me works. Not tooo sure how much it works out at, but if you but the ingredients in 500ml bottles , you end up with 1.5 litres of the stuff for a favourable price. I pop it into an old hand cleaner / soap squeeze bottle. The type with the plunger on top.
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    Re: best home made sand fly repellent

    I use something similar Lucky_Phil. 1 part baby oil, 1 part citronella oil, 1 part Dettol. I can't remember ever getting bitten with this stuff on, and it's never not worked even when they're thick as thick.

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    Re: best home made sand fly repellent

    sounds like i need to get me some ingreadients as the poisen i spray myself works but it's not to good for you
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    Re: best home made sand fly repellent

    ive tried the baby oil + detol etc before and it works. i have found that the zinc cream is a longer lasting reppelent and doesn't wash off att all. it also has the advantage of being a sun screen.... fish on

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