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    Re: Catching Flathead ??

    Well done tho as for not catching the fish u see..try pulling a lure in front of their nose..they get aggro n go for it...welcome to flick n retreive eh

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    Re: Catching Flathead ??

    i'm so addicted to these soft plastics. no more money waisting on bait for me. why waste bait on lil fish when u know if there are big fish about they will take the soft plastic.

    i know my flathead was small and i could have let it go to grow bigger. but it was still legal size and i've been hanging out for one of these since i started this topic.

    was funny too. out of all the people down there. i caught a better fish on a "fake" bait than people who used frozen bait.
    only took me 6 casts.

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    Re: Catching Flathead ??

    YEH u become addicted..all the times i have gone flathead fishing with my bro..he tows a pilly or froggie n i tow a lure..i have out fished him all the time...the classic tho was one day down the canal estates..i was the only one catching fish..grinners i admit..but everyone was using bait n didnt get a hookup..but now i wanna catch a whiting on a lure..i know it will happen cause i have seen the smaller ones chasin the lure..have caught flathead, bream, tailor..but i want the whithing now..i am hooked.. its like a disease eh

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    Re: Catching Flathead ??

    you were saying before about when u see a flathead to cast right on it's nose... i would ahve but i thought that that would have spooked them. so i cast about 3m infront of it.. but the tide bought it around too far.

    i think my biggest prob was trying to beleive my eyes when i saw this thing. i was wearing my Spotters again but i still had to look close, their camoflague with the sand is so good. i really only noticed it by the shape.

    then when i got over the reality of what it was. i couldn't think what to do. watch it swim gracefully away or try to hook it up.

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    Re: Catching Flathead ??

    Really after a wile u get used to it..allow for wind and tide..always it seems the first time u swim a lure past their nose they will either just watch or gracefully swim away..but do it again n WHAM u r in my private space..brunswick heads is a classic for sight fishing big flathead...and you do get the odd one that will just swim away or buy itself in the sand even deeper but not many..but thats fishing. what is exciting if u r in a small tinnie and watch the lizard follow the lure n right beside the boat WHAM u r mine..n hang on..good stuff..just wish i had a digital to show some shots

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    Re: Catching Flathead ??

    If a Flathead was Human, you'd find him lurking in places
    like behind Teller machines, the edges of carparks,dark
    alleys, behind bus stops and the ends of railway platforms
    They would act the same as a Mugger, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the unsuspected, Now apply this
    to any estuary system and they'll be doing the same, hiding
    on either side depending on the tide. Trolling is okay if the
    banks are long, but in most cases its best to cast and retreive, aiming for different spots each cast. If you walk
    across any sand bank at low tide, you should find his hiddening imprints from the high tide, and which way he was
    facing. most of the time the face into the current, the bait
    fish hurries along the same old highway every tide, swimming over the edges of banks or passed holes and
    structures, the last thing he sees is that big white mouth.
    During cooler months, they also like to keep warm, often
    finding them on darker bottoms in very shallow water, where
    the sun has warmed things up. sometimes that shallow
    you won's get a outboard over it. Think like a Mugger and
    transfer it to the estuary your fishing and you'll find a friendly

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