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Thread: Offshore Jigs

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    Offshore Jigs

    In a number of articles (particularly by Bill Corten) I have seen people using what looks like oversized bait jigs on pearl perch particularly. Has anyone had experience using these types of rigs. While I know bait jigs can attract their share of bigger than expected fish, what's the go with these oversized models? Who makes them? etc etc

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    Re: Offshore Jigs

    G'day Fisho,
    I read an article by the mcanelly's where they had been using mustad "Big Red Flasher Rigs"
    I think they fish up around Pt macquarie area ??? ???.
    They had success using them on longfinned Pearch and snapper amongst others. They use a 3/0 size.
    I dicided to give them a go down south of Sydney where I usually fish and have had some success although did not get time to put serious effort in.
    Hope to try them out a bit more over the next six months or so out off Kiama / Wollongong area.
    The colours I have seen are Flouro pink , flouro green and a silvery white colour. Have only used the pink so far myself.
    Good Luck.

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    Re: Offshore Jigs

    Hi Fisho

    There used to be a few brands of these big jigs on the market, but the only ones around that I am aware of now are the Mustad Big Red Snapper Flasher Rig that Gunna_too refers to. They are distributed by L. Wilson and Co under the Surecatch brand and can be obtained by any tackle shop that deals with these national fishing supplies distributors.

    These types of rigs work well where there are reasonable concentrations of fish or where fish are biting slowly on conventional baits and the change of rig gets them interested and excited again.
    The best option is to sweeten them with a cocktail of baits such as pillies,squid or mullet strips.

    Personally I prefer 6/0 and 7/0 sizes to avoid catching smaller fish that are attracted to the luminious beads and vivid colours.

    Species caught to date are pearl perch, snapper, parrot, teraglin, red throat sweetlip, gold spot wrasse, amberjack and yellowtail kings.

    They work well for multiple hookups using a large ball sinker floating through the snapper strike zone up off the bottom above drop offs and when jigged up and down near the bottom with a tear drop sinker. When there is a lot of ocean swell rolling through, the jigs work well if dropped to the bottom and left hanging there with the rod in a rod holder allowing the bobbing action of the swells to do the jigging for you.

    Because of the nature of the terrain and the likelikood of multiple fish hook ups they are made of fairly heavy line and are robust enough for multiple trip use.

    Hope this helps
    Bill Corten

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    Re: Offshore Jigs

    Thanks for the replies

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    Re: Offshore Jigs

    UPDATE - have looked around a few of the tackle shops and have been advised that these rigs are no longer in production????? (I'll keep looking!!)

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    Re: Offshore Jigs

    Hey fisho do you particulary want jigs or would you prefer lures. There is an interesting story on lazer lures jigging for reefies with videos at

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    Re: Offshore Jigs

    Well if you get stuck and cannot find then anymore then let me know. Conventional firetail (work horse) jigs in a short 2 or 3 string set up will do the same job and probably last longer.

    Either that or a set of 3/4 re-usable lumo hooks on a dropper loop with a bit of added taste to each one as Bill suggests.

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