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    pumicestone passage

    Hey fellas how are we all. Catching heeps I hope. I am looking for a good yabbie bank in the passage can anyone help me please ???

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    Re:  pumicestone passage

    HI Brewman,
    In front of Donnybrook on the stbd side coming out from DBrook before the yellow X. If you can't see the bank it's too late. Be very careful at low tide - prop eating rocks & stuff on the bottom of the channel.
    Opposite Spinnaker Sound on the island side. Near the anchorage.
    Opposite Mission Point.
    Try to pump on a rising tide. Critters are not that far down & you won't get stranded.
    ROLL TIDE, ROLL.................


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    Re:  pumicestone passage

    thank you peterbo3 i will give those spots a go. and i will look out for those prop eating rock's thanks again brewman

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    Re:  pumicestone passage

    if your near the military jetty area youll find em almost directly across from it on the bribie side, watch the steep drop off though, great flatties around the bottom of the tide too.

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