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    Dumb trolling question

    When the pelagics return off the goldy this summer I intend to troll yakkas and slimeys for them from my kayak. I have a sail, GPS and Legend 3005 Deep fitted so I'm not muckin around. I have only live baited from shore off Jervis bay so am a novice to trolling. I think I will be ok rigging them but am puzzled by trolling speed. I believe 1 to 3 kts is the go but am worried about how sensitive they are to drowning if I go faster than this. Don't laugh, I got caught in a massive northerly coming back to the seaway one day and clocked 10 knots on the GPS, would that drown them?

    My sounder is rigged to shoot through the hull and I don't have my speed and temp sensor connected. This means I am stuck with GPS speed only. Is that a big problem trolling when you take the summer current into account? 3 knots indicated on the GPS could actually be 4 knots into the current, I assume.


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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    good luck, id be changing to lures after 6 knots, what are you going to do when a marlin takes the bait

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    Mate, you'll probably end up in New Zealand if a marlin takes the bait. LOL

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    you can have fishing from a kayak.....but for game fish? I'd say have a sharp knife at hand to cut your line!

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    I think all kayak fisherman get the funny comments about ending up in New Zealand. I thought I had some legitimate questions there though.

    If I am in the wrong forum because I choose to fish from a kayak can somebody let me know and I we won't waste each other's time.

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    a mate of mine is into kayaking and fishing.
    i'll have to ask him if he's ever done both at the
    same time. people definately fish from canoes.

    that would scare the $hit out of me though, having that
    nice big bait fish attracting more toothy critters. visions of
    old morton bay jaws comes to mind.

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    Two kayak fishing web pages in Australia are "Kayak fishing in South East Queensland" and a section in "Bream Masters". I can't help with trolling speed but maybe if you check out how to rig a bait for spanish mackeral so you can get a dead bait to look like it's alive. Andrew

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    Nothing wrong with Fishing from a Kayak, I saw a couple in excellent open water kayaks with all the gear (souders etc) at the pin do really well on Tailor at the entrance to the Pin in January. They each had two serious looking rods and the latest vented Alveys each (safe to submerge).

    We fish from a Canoe a lot and it is a worthwhile platform - but not suitable for open water use.

    More power to you - have you been doing it long? and what have your results been like?


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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    ive sent you a pm

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    The mooks,

    generally live baits will put up with drifting for hours, if you troll them about 2knots is the go, much faster will greatly reduce their life span.

    Around 4-6 knots for the dead baits, lures work anywhere from 4 to 15+ knots depending on the type. Run the lure until its blowing out, note the speed and run just below the speed for it to be most effective.

    Good luck mate, what sort of gear you using?

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    We started rigging up our two kayaks last summer and just missed the end of the mackerel run by the time we were really competent to go outside. I seem to be the 'team leader' I suppose as I have the electronics on board.

    One of our best outings was when we put in at Main Beach SLSC headed for the Scottish Prince one day but never got their as we got stuck into frigates on raiders on relatively light gear. It was a hoot. The kayaks are so silent we could drift right into the middle of them sometimes without spookin' them. We lost count how many we caught. On reflection we probably should have kept a few for bait, oh well.

    I have a trusty old 6/0 sealine I used to use for LBG on a beautiful new Sneider glass spooled with 24kg fireline. My other big gun is a new ABU 7000 lever drag with 15kg fireline on another Sneider. Can't wait to see a good bend in both of them.

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    Hey Gavsgonefishing! Thanks for that.

    I gather when you say 'blowing out' you mean the speed that a lure stops working properly. If so how do I tell? Will it start skipping on the surface even if it is a deep diver?

    Are there any lures that work slow enough to troll on one rod while I have a livie on the other? I suppose their is really no need to do this other than my tendency to always want to hedge my bets.

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    I haven't come across any lures that run that slow, maybe some else on this board has??? For diversity run a livey on the surface, and run one with a barrel sinker crimped a few metres up the leader, this will give you two different depths. The one with the barrel sinker will have to be run closer to the Kayak.

    There are a couple of things that have worked chasing mackeral, for me. For baits, I use the 5/0 pilly rigs ( you can buy them for about 7 bucks at any tackle joint). They troll well at 4 knots. I would also run a 4 " spoon with a fair bit of lead (big barrel sinker) crimped about two metres up the leader. The spoon has accounted for many a mackeral.

    Lures, your choice really. Some that have worked is a deep runner called a mac mauler. (4-5 knots). cd14 rapala (up to 7 knots). A surface lure that accounts for tuna etc in the 18cm bomber (4-5 knots). All these lures can be run with dead baits. A little more serious, you can get some on the halco laser pro lures.(they run a bit faster).

    blowing out is a term I use when the bloody lure is skipping on the surface, or generally misbehaving. A couple of ways to fix it is to drop the lures back, speed difference, or bring the line closer to the water.

    Have fun

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    Re: Dumb trolling question

    hi mooks have a look at some of the nilsmaster we use to use them off cook island they work well for mackeral at 2-3 knots, but then i havent seen any around for a while, they are the size of the average pilchard and found the green with black bars a real worker, oh Tweed bait and tackle use to stock em. Just found this site with em

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