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    Poddies do not exist!

    Okay I am about to give up.

    Where the hell can I get poddies in the broadwater area? I have put my trap out a few times now and am getting diddly here. I have also tried Tallebudgera creek for poddies and shrimp.

    Do I have to leave it out over night? I used to do this down on the Shoalhaven river and got loads but I don't know whether I would trust my trap to still be there on the broadwater.

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    Re: Poddies do not exist!

    i live near wyong nsw.
    i always get heaps . i use a trap made from a large water bottle (neverfail etc)
    all the bread i use is dried out in the oven for at least 20 minutes. just put it on a tray after the wife has used it and turn it off after 10 min.
    i only leave mine in for 30 minutes after the poddies arrive.
    crumble the bread up into a fine powder and burley the area for 10 - 15 minutes after the trap has been thrown in.
    it nearly always get poddies. if there are none around just start fishing as there is usually a big fish near by

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    Re: Poddies do not exist!

    I live on a canal on the Broadwater and there are MILLIONS of poddies in the canals.

    Get a cast net, get the shop owner to show you how to cast one and then motor up one of the canals, near the end if best on the soft sandy shallows. Burly up with some bread and you'll have heaps to cast too.



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    Re: Poddies do not exist!

    Poddy mullet are EVERYWHERE!!!

    Your first problem is that bit trap, hopeless they are. Castnet is the way to go, 30 mins max & you'll have enough bait to last you a days or nights fishing.

    You mention Tallebudgera creek, its full of poddy mullet, after all, its where we load up on them.

    If your interested in some sight seeing let me know.
    Gold Coast

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    Re: Poddies do not exist!

    Heath = Cast Net throwing champion of Southern gold Coast. Check his website out on how to throw them.

    Don't be offended by his ugly mug though, his Mother still loves him.




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    Re: Poddies do not exist!

    And..... I'll be giving you lessens when I'm visiting next
    Gold Coast

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