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    What if we get one!!!?

    I have been spending a bit of time on a mates boat anchored up for spots, blues etc both live baiting and spinning. We have also done some trolling and as my trusty skipper has been bending the ear of Mr Pakula and bought all the correct lures and got the spread pretty good (for what I can tell) I am starting to realise if we spend enough time doing this there is a distinct bloody possibility here we may raise a black.

    If this happens no doubt he will grab the rod and I will have the helm, after getting 3 or 4 other lines in. Can anybody give me a few hints on chasing down a black marlin with a boat? Whenever I have watched video of the big game boats doing it they seem to just back down on them. We have stand up tackle and the boat we are in probably goes forwards a lot better than backwards. My mate mentioned something the other day that he heard you are supposed to move the boat with the current. Seems logical, but what if the fish isn't going with the current? I thought you would just travel with the fish to get line back on the reel.

    Also what is the angler supposed to do when they jump? Keep pressure on or off? I have only ever caught 'subterranian' fish before and aint used to things hitting the airwaves, especially big things!

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    Re: What if we get one!!!?

    Jesus, mate!

    U got some balls

    Uhm, I am far from the right bloke to be listening to on this subject, but are u sure hunting down a big Marlin is wise if u don't know exactly what you're doing??

    Sounds to me like it could all go to hell in a handcart bloody quick! Did u not see 'Jaws', man??!

    Best of luck, anyway.



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    Re: What if we get one!!!?

    Sit in the corner start pounding your head with your hands yelling 'aaangh' and 'my shorts are on the highway'

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    Re: What if we get one!!!?

    I invested in the CD Rom Peter Pakula " Between the Lines"

    Fantastic CD with all the info for what you are planning.

    Worth the money.


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    Re: What if we get one!!!?

    yeah the "between the lines" #is meant to be a TOP CD! Mr pakula is one of the best game fisherpeople in the world so if your mate has been getting his info from him then your on a good thing!!!
    im still pretty much a novice when it comes to billfishing, but i think i have been on enough boats and seen enough bills get caught to pass comment. #
    what boat you have will play a big part in how you chase a raging billfish. out of a center console on open tinney it is best if the angle stands at the front #(but a little to one side) of the boat. that way the fish can be chased and line recovered quickly. one thing i have found important when chasing any pelagic is not to go straight toward the fish, rather go on a 45 degree angle to what it is going (yeah its hard to explain on a computer ). this will allow the angler to stay tight easier. It will also allow you to spin the boat around quickly and head off in the other direction should the fish start jumping or swimming quickly toward the boat.
    when a marlin or sailfish is jumping you want to keep all of the slack out of the line and keep the pressure very tight, as loose line and a loose hook in that hard mouth is recipe for thrown hooks. #>

    as you said the "big game boats" fight fish in a way that most others cant.... the angler at the back and the skipper just steers the boat so that the rear of the boat is always facing the fish. when the fish runs the skipper will go full steam in reverse (ahh the luxurys of self draining decks ) to gain line, then if the fish decides to come screeming back to the boat the skipper just goes into forward and tries to keep the boat going faster than the fish to keep the line tight.
    one other thing i will mention is that sometimes a billfish will just "sound" down deep, and play hard to get (i had my first black do it for about 20mins). #a way to try and get him up is to get the angler to the back of the boat and put the boat in gear and try to plane him back up to the surface.

    once the leader is within reach all i can say from watching and doing it is grab hold, take a wrap of the trace and HOLD ON! most times the fish will be worn out and reasonably easy to handle, but i have seen some get pretty cranky and decide to have a bit of a jump right at the boat. i once had a black on the trace and he decided to make a bolt straight at the boat, i hit the deck held the leader above my head! the bill smacked straight into the side of the boat .
    hope this has been of some help to you and answered some of your questions. maybe mackmauler and smithy can provide some more info and tips ??? but for the best info aroundid be talking more to peter pakula!

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    Re: What if we get one!!!?

    ohh i forgot to mention.... you may have already seen pakulas site?
    there is hours of great reading, and the marlin bar is home to a wealth of great info.

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    Re: What if we get one!!!?

    Keep the line tight, let the fish pull you around.... works for me

    Just keep the fish / line away from the prop [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

    You wait till I tell Fletch what you posted...
    Gold Coast

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    Re: What if we get one!!!?

    I already fessed up to Fletch about posting this. He didn't mind, we both readily admit we are uneducated bums!

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