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Thread: Berley Recipies

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    Berley Recipies

    Anyone have any secret recipies to they are willing to share? I guessing that this will start a fairly hot topic as everyone claims to have the best recipie! I just want one that works!

    Cheers! (and thanks in advance!)

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    Re: Berley Recipies

    heres my secret recipie.....its called DR skinbacks hornprovoka

    first thing is freeze all your old frames,bait, pillies ect.this makes em easy to either put through the mincer or smash up with an once youve got a few kg of smashed up stinkin bloody stuff in the bucket chuck in about the same of chook laying pellets,also some pollard.and if mum lets you in the kitchen boil up some wheat let it cool (which takes ages) and chuck that in.wet the whole lot down with tuna oil and water and bobs you uncle

    cheers scott can get most of that stuff at your local produce ageincy

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    Re: Berley Recipies

    Pretty similar here, half a dozen leftover pillies, few prawns maybe, chook pellets , few slices of bread, about 300 ml of tuna oil, some HOT water to disperse the tuna oil through everything. Mince the crap out of it, ends up like a reasonably thick slurry which I freeze in special sealed plastic containers the same size as my berley holder.
    Which is one of those plastic things with a screw on lid I got from Big W for $4.84. I have it attached via a snap latch to a thin nylon cord with a 2kg snapper lead, so I can have it on the surface or the bottom or anywhere in between and it disperses while it melts.

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    Re: Berley Recipies


    Collect all your old fish frames eh and keep em in the freezer. Once you've got a shitload of em, put them through the blender, mincer...whatever you've got. Tuna oil is like viagra for fish mate...they crack a fat over it. Put heaps in...and use hot water to disperse it, as said already. Then basically you need something to add as a base, like wheat, oats, chook pellets, cat food etc. Throw something in and mix it all up. All you gotta do man.


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    Re: Berley Recipies

    Go carp fishing. Mince a few of them up and add chook pellets and tuna oil. You get a lot of quality burley out of a few carp, and they are so easy too catch. Oh, yeah and I know some guys will disagree with me but they make a good bait. Lizards love them. If you a reef bashing you can't go past the carp.

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    Re: Berley Recipies

    WHITING - 1/2 pellets 1/2 sand a heap of crushed yabbies soaked in seawater - #a handful on the bottom just before the turn starts running out, the burley pot on the bottom

    BREAM - 1/2 pellets cover with oil & soak - 1/2 sand & crushed up herring if thats what I'm using as bait. Bomb the bottom just prior to the runup, then pot off the bottom.

    TAILOR - i prefer to cube using really finely diced pillies / herring / the shavings off a bonito or mack tuna frame.

    JEW - just pellets to attract small bait fish - i find any offal, flesh or blood attracts sharks on the slack water

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    Re: Berley Recipies

    You would be supprised how much some fish scales tipped over the side looks like a school of small bait fish .. doesnt feed em and gets em excited.... dont say I never give you nothing. 8)

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    Re: Berley Recipies

    hmmm wonders if he has fished with profleet before.

    Do you use crab for burley at times?

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    Re: Berley Recipies

    [quote author=nofrills link=board=Saltwater;num=1085570911;start=0#1 date=05/26/04 at 20:02:47]heres my secret recipie.....its called DR skinbacks hornprovoka
    # ha, no wonder you have a tribe of kid's
    you've been eating the bloody berley

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    Re: Berley Recipies

    Save everything (Fish or Meat) that you can lay your hands on. I use chook pellets and Tuna oil as the base with an emphasis on pillies for the big stuff and prawn shells for bream, squire etc. We eat flake and my deckie likes sting ray so I always have some frozen fish livers in the freezer which are quite good as berley.

    It's amazing how many scales a handful of herring can send downtide, as Profleet has said, and don't neglect the (raw) fat cut off your steaks etc........they'll put an oil slick in the water for a long time. I sometimes use pet mince if it's cheap enough and I never refreeze bait that I have taken out and not used, to be used as hook bait a 2nd time round......I refreeze it for berley only. If I run out of bait (rare), I know I can always resort to using some of the berley as emergency hook bait.



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    Re: Berley Recipies

    Forgot to mention the humble grinner mashed up. They make good hook bait too.


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    Re: Berley Recipies

    Straddie,, dont know about crab for burley ,havent tried it , maybe crushed up it might work... and it would depend what you were fishing for. Black Drummer fisherman use it I think.
    As for fishing with me ,, you never know, its a small world.

    Also good burley can be made from slack deckies , bad cooks and the annoying neighbors dogs. >

    and yes grinners are winners 8).

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