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    Chico i live on south coast mate @ nowra .
    No worries saen, a couple of little birds told me mate

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    Sounds like you did well. Better than I've been doing anyway. So far I can't keep connected to anything decent.

    Have always wanted to fish the Tubes. The crowds have kept me away but by the sounds of things the same thing is happening down there as it is up here. Words out that there's nothing around so no one is keen to do the had yards. All the better for us!

    Going to hit the stones tomorrow morning with a mate. Might run into Saen up there.

    Good luck with getting out again


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    Hey set( rob)?
    Still running that website?

    Any action around beecroft?
    front ledges still closed?


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    was browsing the wed when i came across this artical and thought straght away for you bloke so i thought i would post it for yas

    Most land based anglers can only dream of getting their lines hundreds of metres offshore where they have a good chance of catching trophy sized fish. We have designed a unique, radio controlled boat to provide these anglers with the means of achieving this.

    The 1.2 metre long boat will take out the line and bait of two rods simultaneously to a maximum distance of approximately 1000m while you sit safely on the bank controlling it by means of a two channel radio. Once the boat has reached the desired spot you may stop it and drop off the terminal tackle of the one rod. Now move to a different spot and repeat this action for the second rod. Turn your boat around and bring it back to you while the line remains out deep. Now settle back while you wait for that monster to bite! Even if the fish arenít biting you can still have great fun with the boat playing around in the shallows.

    Each boat is hand made by our well trained staff and carefully tested prior to being sold and all components used are designed to withstand marine conditions.

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    Bad form yesterday saen & your mate....

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    So im guessing that you were one of those fags on the stones yesterday.
    look mate im sorry what happened, but thats always going to happen to a fisho
    if i knew the fish was gonna turn that fast i would have taken my line out earlier

    Now first of all when you turn up to the rocks to fish and theres someone there all ready, you dont just barge in between them and start fishin
    you first say hello and ask if we mind you guys fishing with us, its called respect!
    you guys were rude from the begining

    when you asked us too bring our lines in we did straight away, but my mate asked you to come around and bring the fish in from there, but you were to ignorant to move, instead you went nuts
    you cant expect a fish too come straight too your feet

    and lastely my line rapped around yours had nothing to do with you loosing that fish
    i was in free spool the whole time, you just pulled it too hard at the end and you pulled the hook straight through

    and yes that was a mistake on our side aswell, which wouldnt happen again

    but when my mate hooked up, i saw you asking the boat to come closer so it can cut the line, there was no need for that!
    and when i lost mine you screamed something- next time come say it too my face
    its a shame that things had to get like this, but your just over reacting-besides it was only a mac

    suppose i'll see you on the rocks sooner or later, and hopefully things will go better

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    Sad to hear about the petty bickering on the stones. Everything will still be there tomorrow. More importantly, what was the fishing report? I am thinking about going the Tommaree tomorrow. Any takers??

    Went in Sydney off the rocks today. Few bonnies, Salmon, 1 70 cm king and once mac tuna, which was tailwrapped, but was pretty interesting on 6kg for a while. I got none of it so that was ordinary but it was kinda fun watching. I got this king the other week in Suburban Sydney off the rocks, this was more fun!!

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    I cant believe you two fished the same ledge.
    and didn't know that it was the same bloke you normally chat to on this forum. lol
    Being polite on the ledge goes a long way.

    Rod they were probably pissed off that you hooked up between them.

    maybe Karma

    anyway next time have a chat and be polite.
    might be someone you know


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    I take it you were on the stones today. Looked like you anyway. Wasn't a hundred percent sure which is why I didn't come over.

    There is a lot to be said for being polite on the stones. I mean yeah I was spinning in and around other blokes gear but when their slimies were only 10m out from the rocks things are easy to control. Your mate and I tangled lines twice but that was more wind than ignorance. One fault each no hard feelings. Just sort out the tangle and keep fishing. Respect to your mate for that.

    Actually it was interesting to see how people were livebaiting off the stones today. Why people weren't sending their livies out past the 40m line I've got no idea. Unless you know there are cobes about, in which case beign out atleast 20m is beneficial, then you have to be out around 40m at least at that ledge to be in the fish zone, and moreso when things are tough like they were today. Not wanting to be critical here just a little bewildered I guess as to what success people were expecting ??? Things like that would tend to annoy me in most situations as prime pieces of LBG real estate are being taken up by people who aren't making the best go of it. The fact that I didn't manage to get a livie at all today meant I really didn't have any reason to complain which is good.

    It's a pity that things got narky on the stones yesterday between you boys. I think the biggest reason for it is that this season has been pretty bloody ordinary at best and so any hookup is worth a million bucks to us right now.

    Here's hoping bygones can be left bygones.


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    Been there done that. I used to fish the ledges for longies years ago but they got too crowded to the point that I was losing fish because of other people. LBG used to be good fun - its turned into a contact sport. Shame that.

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    saen a few months ago your asking for help now you think you own the spot you talk of respect but how about bringing your line in when someone hooks up to a decent fish
    i dont see why anyone should have to ask your permission to fish a ledge what do you expect someone to turn around a go home after driving hours and doing that walk in just cause your already there why waste time chatting to you just so you can brag about the fish you caught
    by the way get rid of the braid and do yourself and everyone else a favour your lucky you didnt get smashed i would if you cut my fish off

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    Good too see this crap happens everywhere and not just on the south coast hahaha!
    Guys! get used to it, happens all the time and always will! Sad but true.
    I have shared the tubes with 40 people whom all have a bait out! Madness, but when a ledge becomes well known for landing prize fish its going to happen. Saen nobody really asks permission to join the ledge the just squeez in. As anoying as it is its just the way it goes.You or I dont own the ledges and we gotta share em it just a shame theres no courtesy. With nearly 10 years of LBG under my belt and fishing crowded ledges the whole duration i have never been in a hooked up mans way, But thats me someone hooks up, i reel my bait in to the wash, or get it out, and i run for a camera or gaff to help out the lucky angler (even though i cursed him for fishing next to me) What you got to remember is that if you want to LBG for years like me the bloke you curse this week could be that bloke gaffing your fish next week or year when nobody else is around to help. You will spend alot of time with these people so best to try and get along. I know its hard i been known to explode at the tubes lol.
    Im always tired sunburnt and stressed when the ledges are packed so it doesnt take much to spark up a blue But as i get older i seem to mellow out a little and try comunicate with the other fisho's. But sometimes that dont work hahaha.
    All im saying guys is that yas gotta learn to share, communicate, help each other and understand ya dont own the rocks and people are going to drive along way to fish there, if your there they arent going home so move over. And pharq2 unfortunate mate, ive lost about 10 marlin of the rocks to ignorant boaties, 4 marlin to bad gaffmen, i have been spun up whilst fighting a good fish, couple of years ago i picked up 2 balloons and live baits whilst fighting a top beakie when the second one hooked up i stressed, i had a snapswivel tangled on my main line and as the marlin ran i could see his bonito hanging off my line!!!! And guess what the fool did next !!! yup he tryed to reef it off my paint the picture!! >
    Just remember saen is new to the sport mate and hasnt learnt the too bads off the sport, wont take him long but hell get there. Next time hell mov his bait and this 1st encounter would have paid off.
    Now shake hands and stop squabbling, you guys need to get along.
    And saen there were a couple of blokes at the Tubes that were at tomaree when you got that nice bluefin, they told me about ya gear on the rocks If someone aproaches you and says that a guy down south said to say hello you know they r talkin about me I didnt tell em my name but they will prob tell you the guy was covered it tattoos, that me
    Goodluck guys im going cause im sick of typing.

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    Mate that is some bad luck on the beakies! Have you actually landed one or have you just copped a crap load bad luck over the years?

    I'm yet to try my hand at a beak. Haven't really been on the right ledges. Well unless you count Avoca where I cut my LBG teeth 9 years ago. You're right too. LBG is all about frustration and having to deal with idiots etc. Go to Avoca today and find out what it's all about. The thing is these guys aren't idiots. Rodd has been doing it for a while and Saen seems to have the right creds to do well in the sport. All it takes is a little patience and a little forethought. I've had plenty of instances where someone else has offered to gaff my fish for me simply because I'm a one man band when it comes to the stones. If no one else it there it's up to me to do everything. It's nice to have someone there on occaisions to talk with and have there as a gaff man. For me there's no benefit in getting narky. Can't keep gaffing fish by myself.


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    Too true mate
    Yes ive landed 2 marlin off the rocks but was a few years ago. I have lost heaps though too luck from hell.
    Another thing aswell is ya can get mouthy with someone but sometime later when ya havin a fish on ya own they arrive with their mates and well you know the rest.
    I have seen it all on the rocks mate, people return after a trip to find their car vandalised because they ticked someone off. I saw a bloke one day tell everyone on the rocks he was doin a trip to the shop and would anyone want him to get them some food etc, well everyone handed over their cash (one bloke gave him a 50) and he went on his way........never to be seen again. You will meet all sorts.
    You guys should come down here one weekend and ill meet up with yas all and show ya our ledges.

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    I agree fully

    all this talk makes me want to get the dust off the lbg stick.
    Dont know if the old legs will handle the hard grime.
    Devils use to get the old thighs burning.
    shame you cant fish it anymore.

    might catch you on a ledge one day

    come and say hello.
    you might need me to gaff your fish LOL


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