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    Re: The great shark hunt

    I'm in whatever day it is ...
    Guess I will be taking either ben or Dylan .....

    Would of been good if we could have had a get together somewhere.......
    Maybe some of us could hook up at wello afterwards or maybe even at the park area on Green Island....

    Cheers Adam

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    adam green sounds good as some people like me will be on the water later as i have to work in the morning so i think if we organised something for around 3ish to meet up or what ever and have a few drinks etc then head off to shark grounds for a arvo fish if the weather is any good i might even goto bulwer or cowen for the night and fish for a few cobia they look like sharks well sort of........

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Dunno if Dylan's going to be fishing...havn't heard from him. I'm on Rob's boat I think.

    Hogan's Pub is just up the hill at Wellington Point.


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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Quote Originally Posted by kingtin

    but she seems to prefer nursing to deckying :-)
    [smiley=idea.gif]Tell her she may be able to combine the two. Especially if u let one of them big buggers on board

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Quote Originally Posted by where_is_dave

    [smiley=idea.gif]Tell her she may be able to combine the two. #Especially if u let one of them big buggers on board
    Nice one Dave :-)

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    You can count me in as being on the water!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hell yeh !!!!!!!

    but i will have an engangement party that night ....bummer

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    So is "the Great Shark Hunt" still going to happen?
    Are we just going to kill em for fun, or are we going to do something else with them [smiley=smash.gif]
    I am not eating them, I suppose I could drop a few around to Kev's place though.

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Yes the shark hunt is a goer! October 30 is dday, weather having the final say.

    I have been in contact with most interested privately and all are jumping for a shot at a beast a couple of coldies around 3 at green was a great idea.

    I wouldnt say kill them for fun lives are at stake here and public safety must come first

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    if anyone wants to learn the land based side of shark fishing on the day or anyother time for that matter some shark fisho's I know (Simon and James Harmon) would be happy to. Maybe Simon or James could post some pics of just how big a sharks you can catch landbased. They might also give some tips on how to be a little safer when Catching them as well.

    Good Shark fishing to all!

    If I can tear Myself away from work Maybe I can get into the action to.

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Well simon and James would be a happy to give some lessons that is.

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Oct 30 it is, I'll be bringing a mate along and should have one if not two dekie spots available. At this stage I'd like to do an overnighter weather dependant. Will confirm dekie space mid-week before

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Phillip T is IN !#[smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] like I said you had better produce the goods young padewin !

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Sign me up Macky.....It's time to open a can of whip ass on a noah > Grrrr

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    LOL blackrat..? or no rats for the young master?

    Have had a couple of requests for a basic outline of the gear and methods so here goes, sharks are not much different to any of the other species you still have to make the bait look presentable at times, using wire is necessary ill start with a few pics of various types and brief outline.

    starting with 49 strand, the best there is imo, ultra flexible gives good bait movement and is re-usable in many cases, unlike single wire. downside rigging gear is needed.

    premade plastic coated is popular but if you rely on kmart brand you wont see to many big ones.

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    hard SingleStrand the type known as mono wire used mainly for mackerel, must be twisted tightly, and handled with care or your bait will be at right angles, but is flexible by comparison to soft wire and comes straightened. commonly broken by sharks being prone to kinks, I wouldnt use any less than 120lb.

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