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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Quote Originally Posted by DC

    P.S. I rekon Kingtins a definite starter also
    Depends on the deckie's days off, but I'm in if it works out ok.



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    Re: The great shark hunt

    I'm in. Need an excuse to find the one with my rod attached to it.

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    Re: The great shark hunt


    Yeah mate, no dramas eh. How did you try and do it?


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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Damn ... Sounds like a ball ...

    If anyone has a spot for a decki let me know ... Would love to go ...

    Ta ...

    Hamza ...

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Rob, Maria, Are those jaws from the Noha we caught/wrestled/whacked ect ect, seemed bigger at the time. MQ

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Snappa, looks like your no competition for MY shark fishing

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    i'd be keen

    but i have to warn you i've never been shark fishing before but i'd be more then willing to give it a go. even bring along a six pack of the captins fav drink.

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    I am also interested, but not in a killing orgy. There is a shark tagging research project which has started at the Uni of Qld. I have sent the person an email asking for details of how to become involved, and I would definitely be interested in it from that point of view. If someone want to keep a shark to eat, fair enough, but I have problems with just killing sharks for a photo or for their jaws.

    I will follow this thread for more info, and post again if I get the details on the shark tagging.


    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: The great shark hunt


    Yeah mate, same shark. They seem small for the animal we landed, so it makes you think twice about the size of animal that once was when you see a set of jaws around that measure 60cm across.


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    Re: The great shark hunt

    i would look better bl****
    webby started this and where its ends no one knows...
    "whats the time"

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    I'm in too, would be interesting to be a part off. Same thoughts as Jeremy tho, catch and release ??

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Catch & Release.
    For sure!!!
    Released after those choppers & a few choice fillets are removed. [smiley=stare.gif] [smiley=stare.gif] [smiley=stare.gif] [smiley=stare.gif] [smiley=stare.gif]
    ROLL TIDE, ROLL.................


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    Re: The great shark hunt

    i will be part of it... but like jeremy i wont be in it if its gunna be dead sharks all over the shop. no point in that what so ever.

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    Re: The great shark hunt


    Count me in. If its small yummy.but the big fellas will be released, not really keen on shark wrestling.


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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Im in but before this we will need a tuna bash for bait and burley

    C & R is the go I spose but dam I just got given a new flying gaff



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