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    The great shark hunt

    Just an idea people

    There has long been talk and expressions of interest in an ausfish shark trip, comp, make it what you like! its coming into prime time for the biteys in moreton bay which will give even the smallest tinnies a fair shot at a beast

    Prime areas to hit are the spoil grounds north of the rouse up to mud island, with a few boats working one area with plenty of chum it should prove very productive #

    A BBQ back at wello or manly? after lunch should be on the cards as well. Yes Render, that includes you, if the sharks dont get you first

    The pic is of some jaws Ben (maria) mounted for me, for the trophy specimens you wont go wrong getting Ben to do a job on them for you.

    cheers Rob

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    That sounds like something worth making the trip up for

    I will follow this with great interest.

    After all the talk it's time to get Render something other than a bream

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    come on rob you just want everyone to hit the grey coats so they stop bothering you when you get them big fishies to the side of the ocean cylinder

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Good call Rob,
    Just had a word to JB, and I rekon it wont be hard to find another decky, so I'll definitly be in (depending on the date). Sounds like a hoot. Where are the mack tuna at the moment? We'll hafta go stock up before hand
    Never brought a big noah to the boat though, what do we do with it?
    P.S. I rekon Kingtins a definite starter also

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    for really big tigers Rob,

    at what speed do you troll boogy-boarders ??


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    Re: The great shark hunt


    & should ya pop their backbone so they wiggle a bit #
    (*if you are at all upset by actual pictures of graphic wounds do not hit this link)

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    You bast*rd Chris-aka-Gwh. I was just starting to take up speardiving. Those photos will surely stunt my confidence. [smiley=bigcry.gif] [smiley=freak.gif] [smiley=help.gif]

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    lol chris
    poor fishinmishon they are only hungry every second day, but which is every second

    rob i would be in it for some fun if i can make it

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Hell yes I'll be in on a shark hunt anyday. dramas - all mounted up on a varnished trophy plaque too.


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    Re: The great shark hunt

    How did they mount the shark jaws?
    Nice job you had done on them.

    I would be interested in the trip if I can hop on someone's boat.

    cheers doug

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    Re: The great shark hunt


    if i grab the jaws from one of these .. do you think you could mount the jaws for me. i tried years ago but they fell to pieces
    mack. can ya be land based for the comp.
    "whats the time"

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    Re: The great shark hunt


    You already know I'm in, mate!!


    Bastad's gone under the boat!!!

    I might have a deckies spot for those in need, too. Severe weighting given to Elle MacPherson lookalikes

    Talk to ya lata, bloke!



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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Im definately up for it. if anyone has a spare spot on a boat that would be tops.

    cheers tom

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    Got any sisters, Som?

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    Re: The great shark hunt

    hahahah, LMAO @ Chris

    Sounds like fun ... gimble belt here i come.

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