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    GPS MARKS - 1770, Gladstone, Boyne Tannum

    Hey im going to be going fishing out wide in these areas soon and i was wondering whether any of you guys could help me out in terms of GPS MARKS for the area. Thanks a lot guys. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

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    Re: GPS MARKS - 1770, Gladstone, Boyne Tannum

    Obviously you have either just moved to the area, or just purchased a boat. There are a number of Ausfisher's in this area, and we must be just about due for a trip out. Hint Hint, Jeff, JD, Bernie, Volvo, Newby. When are we going to do this. Silly question I spose, as I sit here the wind is blowing the crap out of the trees.
    When you say 'outwide' macdwp01, how far out you talkin? What size/sort of boat?
    Have to get all together shortly for a fish. Are you coming to 1770 for the M&G soon.
    There are others that would be best to help out with some GPS points, none of mine have worked as yet, and the others that I got I haven't had the chance to get out again to have a shot. Oh, I should mention that they aren't mine either.


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