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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    They can also do some considerable damage to your ears as well. Crayman had a mate once who descended on a 14 foot tiger swimming in a big rut at the reef. I had another mate at the end of the rut which was about 50 metres away. Anyway he went down poked the tiger but the spear didnt prime the bullet and it didnt work. Well the shark took off down the rut. Other mate 50 m away turns round to see tiger coming straight for him. Luckily the tiger turned away. That tiger was a pest it followed us all day.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    yeah your ears will ring for some time after. Make sure you hit it hard enough to go bang because you might be lucky and she will swim of or just get more intent on eating you. What depths are you diving to now? believe it or not turtles can be just as bad as some small sharks. i got bitten up north by one and he left a nasty gash on my hip and gut. i dived down in a hole and he came out of it we scared each other and he just ploughed straightinto me and then bight me and kept swimming right over me scared the sh^&*t out of me for a while. My mate recons he wanted my crayfish but missed and got me. 8 internal and 19 external stichs and i am good as gold.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Yaaaaaaaay...........I knew there was a reason i loved turtles so much - crayman, hahaha, actually I'm openwater PADI qualified, scared of sharks and sea snakes i think not, i wouldnt be much good at my job if that was the case. Being a pro cray diver i doubt you have ever used anything but a hooker rig.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    i reckon the nastiest of gods creature's underwater are the eels - SATAN IN A SOCK !! [smiley=devil.gif] they are. Its amazing how their aggression can overcome your concious knowledge that they can't kill - just hurt.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    I have also been attacked by a turtle, but remained unscathed. I was diving at Flat Rock with a german girl, a big turtle came by north of the rock in 15 meters midwater (40 metre depth) and she decided to have a ride. Little known to her, it turned and saw me 8 metres away. She didn't have the strength to hold on for very long and it flicked her off and head straight for me, the big mouth snapping silently more and more as it came towards me. As it came closer I could see a whole pile of ~60lb line hanging out it's mouth and boy was it pissed. I turned on my back and brought my fins up close to my body. When it was completely ON me I gave it a god almighty push up and away - f**k. Fortunately it didn't stay around long and when we surfaced my buddy said to me "wasn't that turtle great". Expletive, expletive expletive.

    But I believe it is legal for a scuba diver to cary a powerhead for self defence.


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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Ive had a couple of turtles have a snap but I was riding on the back powerful buggers. Wobbegongs worr me when I am spearing crays. They seem to always be aroubnd them and they often swim in and try to get them after they are speared. I hear when they bite they dont let go so they can drown you easily. Got to love spearing though

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Be very carefull don't spear a wobby i can tell you 100 % it will bite you even if it is speared a mate an me were diving at tweed river when he decided to grab one on the tail what a mistake it turned around and bit him on the shoulder and yes they will not let go it was still hanging on him at the 3 min deco so be warned he got no stiches but a bruised shoulder that left him out of action for a week they also like to grab bright coloured fins if your up this way pm me and i will take you to a few spots for parrot crays sweetlip


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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Spearfishing is a LEGITAMITE PASSTIME. I have been a spearo for 20 years and I would challenge anyone who thinks spearfishing is a piece of piss to jump in the water and give it a go before dribbling about something they know nothing about. Do you see any spearfishing charter boats out there? No, don't think so..... and if someone wants to make a point about conserving fish, then go and chain yourself to the front of a trawler which in 1 night will kill more fish then you or I may catch in a lifetime....... [smiley=end.gif]

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Agree boxhead its not like shooting fish in a barrel liike evrybody belives

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???



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