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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    He bugman

    I do most of my spear fishing around the rock wall that's just a bit north of the amity point caravan park and the last time I went I was amassed at the many different types of fish I saw

    I got the slate while I was casing an average sized parrot fish

    Cheer and any advice would be great


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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Quote Originally Posted by raefpud
    Sorry to call you an old dog Alex - better appologise before i dig myself an even deeper hole. Can I ask, Do you adhere to size and bag limits? and if you do, do you adhere to those that are stated by Ausfish memebers or do you adhere to those that are made by DPI and fisheries?
    Not a bad point you make here but in all seriousness I adhere to the "lawful and correct" size and bag limits.

    This usually involves me going to my local fisheries website to verify this information.

    The question of spearing in freshwater doesn't just require the opinion of the ausfish fisho's but can also be answered by providing a link that takes the reader in the right direction to get the correct answers.

    So the point I am making is that if we back up our opinions with cold hard facts then who can prove you wrong?

    Many of my posts have a link of some sort associated.

    As for "old dog"? Nah not old enough to know all the tricks and not old enough not to be able to learn new ones (I hope) #

    Heres one for NSW only

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Hmmmm .... I'm sure there was a question back at the start there somewhere...
    Can you spearfish in Qld freshwater?

    This may be of help:
    Extract from above page:
    In freshwater areas, fish may only be caught using:

    a fishing line which is an apparatus consisting of a hand held line with or without a pole, reel or rod;
    a trap, which can be a canister trap, collapsible trap, dilly trap, funnel trap or round trap;
    a scoop or dip net; or
    a set line.


    So my guess is no, but you may wish to contact DPI and clarify.


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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Hey cheemy, how are you?

    Just thought I would inform you of a very good training method to improve your diving.

    Go down to your local pool and ask the staff if they would mind you doing some breath hold training. You will need a heavy weighted object (I use a rock about 3-4kg).

    Place rock on the bottom of pool in the deep end. Dive down, pick up rock and sprint as fast as you can along the botton. holding the rock against your chest. Drop rock once you feel your lungs screaming for air and surface. (Don't drop rock too hard as to smash pool tiles) Tred water while you recover, don't hold on to the side of the pool. Repeat process, after a good length of recovery, and so on.

    Another technique is too swim as hard and fast as you can without taking a breath. Time how long you go for, not how far you swim. Then recover. Next, dive to the bottom of the pool and hold onto a fixed object (ladder or something) and lay as still as possible. Close your eyes and pretend you are listening to your favourite song. Relax and don't sing, just listen. You will notice you can stay under for usualy more then twice the time you could swim holding your breath. This shows that the less frantic movements you do the longer you can hold your breath. If you don't panic and move gracefuly, you will always stay under longer.

    The more you train the more confidence you'll have as a free diver. You will also be able to reach greater depths, so while ya mates are still trying to get the slateys and stripeys, you can be getting moster crayfish, jobfish, trout, emporers and the likes.

    Another advantage means you go further out to sea to dive which means the water is more clearer then in close to land.

    Good luck and enjoy.


    PS sorry raef, I know you didn't want me to encourage him, but you obviously now know what I think of your discouragement.

    PPS Chemmy and anyone else who takes up this training, MUST do it supervised. ALWAYS work in pairs, one up one down, keep a close eye on ya mates and know how to resucitate and treat shallow water black outs.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    I think it was on landline a while back but they did an article on the survival rate of released fish. They took all the legal sized fish caught in a comp and put them in a bloody great big live tank. they tested about 5 species or so. anyway they left them there for a few days and monitored how many died. I can't remember the exact figures but snapper had roughly a 60% survival rate. The best survival rate was in the low 90's and the overall survival rate was in the high 70's. so basically if you catch something and it hooked in the gills but it still manages to swim away, the odds are that it will go ass up in a couple of days anyway. Just a bit of food for thought.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Type "catch and release study" into your favourite search engine.

    "The findings of the research give managers of the fishery a much clearer picture of what is happening to this very important part of the barramundi fishery. The study found that the survival of barramundi in a fresh water environment is about 90%, a fact which bodes well for the fishery, and the practise of catch-and-release. The research also found a marked difference in survival rates between summer and winter based on the fish caught in summer being more highly stressed than those in winter." taken from here

    "How long does your catch live off the hook?
    NSW Fisheries has released preliminary results from the Botany Bay Catch and Release Research Challenge held on 14-15 February 2004. The study looked at the rate of survival for different fish, caught and released by anglers.

    Early results show that more than 75% of the fish caught and released during the study survived. More than 200 recreational fishers, on 95 boats, took part in the massive recreational fishing study on Botany Bay, to help us learn more about the impact of recreational fishing on fish stock" taken from here

    and 2 very interesting articles from NSW Fisheries
    photos of the holding tanks
    the numbers gathered

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Chemmy, got this trevor while just laying on the bottom patiently and hiding. A good breath is an exellent advantage. Oh, I smoke too, and it aint help. I thought durries were a performance enhancing drug.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    that is a sic fish i wish that some day i will be able to spear fish like that but for now i need to do that training exersise that you told me about thanks for that and mick do you ever carry a power head with you when you go spear fishing

    once againg thanks for the advice

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Chemmy - you still havent read the rules and regulations made by Qld DPI F+B have you? Every time you ask another stupid question you dig yourself a deeper hole. I can answer the question u asked mick for him - no he doesnt use a powerhead, not in queensland anyway. Powerheads are only allowed to be used by divers (SCUBA) to defend themselves from shark attack. Please do yourself and all of us a favour and read the rules, its not hard to find, i'll even give you a link being the helpful ausfish member that I am.

    I think these rules are the basic rules, you might want to do a bit more research, especially if you are spearing around rockwalls and jetties, places that are common as fish refuge.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    lmfao. Thats better raef.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Quote Originally Posted by banshee
    Basserman,what you have said regarding C&R and fisheries is incorrect.I contacted fisheries today and I contacted ACORF.The "test" that you say was held is in fact an on going program funded by ACORF conducted in pens in Botany Bay,to date the only fish tested have come from rivers,estuaries and shallow inshore reefs,methods of collection are 4 inch gill nets and normal line fishing
    Bream and Luderick but Snapper results showed that smaller fish mouth hooked and released with the hook in or removed had almost a 100% survival rate providing they were vented if they needed it and returned to water promptly,larger fish were totaly dependant on the amount of lactic acid build up,that is,large fish played out on light line would not fare well where as large fish caught in a reasonable amount of time,vented and returned to water had a good chance,gut hooked fish also faired well if the line was cut and the fish returned to water promptly.
    didn't have the info at hand but what you and other have said is what i was trying to say
    and that was that yes the majority of fish live but toher do die after being released so it would be foolish for us to think we are haveing no impact on the fish and that every fish released is another fish back to live and grow (yes most are but some are not but that is the law of the jungle)
    one thing i would like to see in more and better infomation on proper venting of fish as i would hope this would improve their chances heaps after all alot of fish get caught on reefs in water deeper than 20meters

    as for raef i know you background both your academic and fishing (through timbo) so i hold yoiu word high but all i was really trying to get across is that your message proble would of been better taken if you had said something like NO you can't spear in freashwater either rivers or dams or enclosed waters so please don't BUT then again if you had then we still wouldn't be going anf this post would of died along time ago and how boaring is that

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Anchored Vessels
    Vessels less than 7m in length
    (a) no lights - if not anchored in a narrow
    channel, fairway or anchorage or where
    other vessels normally navigate.
    Vessels less than 50m in length
    (a) - all-round white light
    Vessels 50m or more in length
    (a) in fore part - all-round white light or
    one ball and
    (b) at or near stern and at lower level
    than light in (a) - all-round white light.

    alex i thought you would find this intresting is i awlays do
    please note that you DON'T need a allround white light while anchored in a boat of 7m or 23feet or less in size

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    lol don't present me with facts. I prefer hear say and rumour.

    On a serious note, leave this one with me though. The boating handbook seems to contradict itself a little bit.

    Remember the following:ē all vessels (except certain moored vessels in approved
    mooring areas) are required to show some form of lighting

    Anchored Vessels
    Vessels less than 7m in length
    (a) no lights - if not anchored in a narrow
    channel, fairway or anchorage or where
    other vessels normally navigate.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???


    I appreciate you giving me a link but that first comment you made was quite mean but all is forgiven once again thanks for the link

    Cheers Michael

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???


    its ok u can cry if you want . lol


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