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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    sorry michael.

    but leave the wobbygongs alone.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Yeh Chemmy your allowed, it wouldnt stop me kickn ya in the nuts though

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    ......."because tossas like your yourself...",had no idea you were refering to mum and sis.
    Food for thought,if everyone that used a fishing rod,suddenly took up spearing and used only the spearing equipment as much as they did their rods,and if,all the spearos used only rods,which would be the more sustainable form of fishing?

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    that would be rowshambo hey rob

    I've spearfished before and loved it. Haven't done it in a while as I don't have the gear but if I had the money I'd like to go chase a few crays again and the odd Trout. Can't see how that makes me a tosser.
    Sure some spearfishos are idiots, as a guess the same percentage as the idiots who are line fishermen, and I've seen quite a few of them believe me.
    As for asking questions on Ausfish, crikey, that's part of what this website is about. We have recently seen a major cockup by the DPI on their website with some of their regs they've put up, including the local inspectors getting it all wrong when you call them. It doesn't hurt to ask someone and get their advice.
    Cheers, Mark.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???


    the fish in the pic is a Blubberlip Bream not a slatey. The top fins give it away - a slatey bream's top fin runs continuous the length of its body.

    A slatey is not the greatest to eat. But some of its mates in the painted sweetlip family are very nice indeed. A slatey looks a grey silver bronze in the water but goes very dark once dead - thus the mis-identification I think.
    (yeah I gonged a few as a teenager )

    A blubberlip is reasonably decent as you may have discovered - as long as you ice it - do not taint the flesh with the gut cavity & skin it. It has a firm, semi-sweet pink flesh; like luderick.

    The guys may of course call a range of things slateys. #

    As an aspiring spearo do as you have done - ask questions & never put a spear into a fish you don't eat. Get a book of fishes to learn from - you'll have it a lifetime.

    Fish like slateys (common & not shy) are good to practice the art of swimming with - don't kill them. A big part of being a decent spearo is learning to descend & swim underwater quietly & in the blind spot of a target. Slateys tend to hang in the depressions on the top of structure in groups of four to a dozen (the blubberlip would have been solo). See if you can join the back of a school of slateys & follow for as long as your breathhold allows. Fish hear bubbles so stay calm & minimise bubbles.

    Another part of being a decent spearo is learning to accept sometimes you'll leave the water without squeezing the trigger. If you can't make the shot don't shoot & don't kill just to kill - we are meant to be a high life form. #

    Enjoy the water mate - the Big Blue's a beautiful place.


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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Hey guys I was just curios not serious about the wobbegongs

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Quote Originally Posted by raefpud
    No No No No No No - well at least i think not - from the last i heard it was illegal in queensland, and in my opinion its a completely stupid idea, it should be banned (if it isnt already) for anyone to spearfish in any enclosed waterway, whether it fresh or not-----and why the hell did you spear a fish like that, was it a present for your mother-in-law???

    I think it should be law for spearfishers to have to a license to posses a speargun, and should have to pass a test on rules and regulations before they are allowed to get all gun-ho underwater, otherwise tossers like you will just be blasting anything that swims.
    fact that many people are fueled by emotions on their opinions, and dont make their decisions or comments either based on fact or rational thinking.

    Ok so maybe i shouldnt have called the kid a tosser, but as far as i'm concerned if he is old enough to handle a spear, he is old enough to know about reading the rules and responsibilites that go along with this privilege
    If the kid is ignorant enough not to know the rules about fresh water, then whats to stop him coming up with a maori wrasse or barramundi cod?? These rules are just as important.
    Quote Originally Posted by banshee
    Devocean,your anecdotal evidence concerning catch and release,in my opinion is pure bullshit.Considering the depth of water a fish comes up from before it shows signs of stress has me wondering how you could possibly hold station and view the proceedings for the time stated,and while on the subject of "tossers",what sort of inconsiderate arrogant "tosser" would even consider spearfishing under or around an angler fishing in his boat? The gung ho type that gives spear fishos like you a bad name? While you consider your response,could you please supply the reference material that claims only 3% of anglers practice C&R,or is it only 3% know what they are doing?

    first to banshee NSW fisherys have heald test about the impact on some fish with catch and release and while some like the flathead had very little impact other like the snapper was found to have very little chances of recovery after relase and that was even with proper venting (which alot of people do not do) even over shallow water snapper get very stressed over being caught

    now to raefpud your said "fact that many people are fueled by emotions on their opinions, and dont make their decisions or comments either based on fact or rational thinking." and yet you called this poor person a TOSSER well wheres you facts to that claim you don't call that emotional opinon???
    and you ask " he is old enough to know about reading the rules and responsibilites that go along with this privilege
    If the kid is ignorant enough not to know the rules about fresh water, then whats to stop him coming up with a maori wrasse or barramundi cod?? These rules are just as important."

    hell mate then alot of us are in trouble as i wouldn't know all the regulations and rules for EVERYTHING i do
    i don't know all the regs for yabbiy fishing in nsw but as i will be doing it this easter i will find out just like this person has tryed to do

    after all thats what i thought this AUSFISH fourum was about shareing and asking for help in all part of this type of lifestle fishing boating 4wding catch and release and even diveing and spearing

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Basserman old mate, you ask what evidence I have to back up my arguements.......well, I'll be quite honest with you, I have nothing on paper on hand here with me at the moment. What i do have you will read about shortly when i answer your questions. I will admit that I cant be 100% sure on anything, even on the regulations of freshwater spearfishing. At the moment I am working in Japan, so the local rules and regulations in Australia dont affect me much.
    I didnt want to mention in my experience, evidence or qualifications in my arguement, but seeing as a few of you have asked, especially basserman, i'd better answer your questions......

    1st of all, Tony... Yes i do fish, I have met you before and even purchased products from your store, you gave me a discount and you even offered to take me fishing, being a fellow Ausfish member, and I really appreciate that, I have a lot of respect for you.

    Devocean, i gotta whole swag for you buddy, nothing personal mate, i like you and i love your pictures, comments and posts you put on Ausfish ok.
    All i want to say is, that a fish hooked in the mouth has a much better chance of survival than one that is speared in the head. And as banshee has said, you really have no idea about fishes swimbladders, and yes if any spearfisho approached me and was swimming around under or near my boat, he would cop a 12oz snapper lead, just like Custaro mentioned that they would.

    Mick and Liltuffy - please dont encourage the kid - remember the old saying "curiosity killed the cat?" now the kid wants to go and shoot wobbegongs - now why the f*#K would he want to do that - is that sport? a defenceless creature that often lays domant or totally still on the sandy bottom of the ocean for many hours at a time - even at top speed the old wobbegong moves at snails pace compared to most fish - and what the hell is he going to do with a wobbegong? eat it - i doubt it, its not sport and its not food, its a trophy kill and thats it. As mackmauler said, chemmy son, it wouldnt stop us from kicking you in the nuts.

    Daintree boy - I try not to incriminate myself because my job requires me to have a proffesional working relationship with the QLD DPI, and the AFMA for that fact. Yes the DPI is partly run by a bunch of ill informed halfwits, they are constantly contradicting themselves, and are about as useful as a capful of arseholes, but they do have a job to do. Some of their job is dictated by science, ecology and the environment, and another part of their job is dictated by politics, money and legislation. They are most probably under resourced, Like most of the public service, they are not 100% efficient, and i dont think a large majority of Queenslanders have faith in the decisions that they make. The current fishing rules and regulations have a lot to be desired, but its better than certain parts of asia i have visited that have absolutley none.
    I still dont believe that it is ausfish and its members responsibility to inform those that are to lazy to correcty familiarize themselves with the regulations and inform themselves. Under the law, ignorance is no excuse.

    CHRIS_aka_gwh - couldnt have said it better myself, good on you, well done, thankyou.

    Basserman, .... mate i dont expect you to know all of the rules and regulations regarding fishing, but i do know from a fact from reading many of your posts over the years that you are well informed and you do know the right from wrong.
    I have admitted that i shouldnt call the kid a tosser, but now i read his post about the wobbegongs, i'm thinking of much harsher names. I will bite my tongue for now.
    Now about my comments - you think they might be emotionally fueled, but i try my best not to allow my emotions get involved with my work (maybe in the bedroom, but definately not in the office)
    As I mentioned before, I am currently working in japan, actually my office is the largest fish and seafood market in the world. I see more fish each day than you will probably see in a lifetime. I am Fisheries biologist BSc(hons)DipAppSc.(MRM) means i have qualifications in science(Marine Studies)and marine resource management. I have been fishing like yourself, probably since i could walk, I also have a background in retail sales and management of fishing tackle stores, so my statements are not made without any knowledge or experience to fuel my emotions. I dont hate spearfishos, i even know the owner and am a regular customer of Adrenaline spearfishing supplies, if that means anything. My work is totally devoted to providing better information about fish stocks, health, longevity and fecundity of all fish in the ocean - basically what i really want is a chance for my grandchildren to be able to drop a line and catch a fish, and if it means having a go at irresponsible adolescents, so be it.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Gday Blokes
    As far as Im aware all the kid did was ask a question. This is a site with a shit load of very experienced & knowledgable blokes. If I need to know something this is the first place a come & I spearfish so if that makes me a tosser well so be it. And just for any one else that may need help. As a part of this web site I see myself as probably most of you do all mates, so being a mate if any of you ever need help or to know something & I can help rest asurred I wont think your lazy or ignorent just a mate in need of some advice. But hey now we have all had a rant lets build a bridge & get the F*#k over it.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Raef why would you want to throw back a fish you have speared. You see the fish identify it and you then hunt it then shoot it. You know what you are killing so if it cant make the esky you dont spear it. Can your fishing rod do that?

    Also living in Japan do you know that spearing is illegal and has been for years and years. Whats the fishing like there hey? Crap thats what its like so cant balme spearos there.

    Chemmy dont go spearing wobbegongs because 1) you wont kill them because there hides are very tough and they will probably bite you if you annoy them and when they bite they do not let go. Cray divers worry alot about wobbegongs because of this very reason as they can be dangerous. 2) How are you going to fillet it? You will need a bloody electric knife. 3) They are currently being researched because not a lot are known about them check out the website for more info.

    Rememeber Chemmy when you spear you represent all other spearos so try to beghave yourself

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Basserman,what you have said regarding C&R and fisheries is incorrect.I contacted fisheries today and I contacted ACORF.The "test" that you say was held is in fact an on going program funded by ACORF conducted in pens in Botany Bay,to date the only fish tested have come from rivers,estuaries and shallow inshore reefs,methods of collection are 4 inch gill nets and normal line fishing(hooks),people used to collect fish consist of commercial fisherman and rec anglers,runing the show are three scientists,two from fisheries and one indipendant.The true results for Flathead,Sole and Rays is inconclusive due to losses in the pens,the fish damaged them selves on the floor due to it not being of a natural nature.I didn't go into Bream and Luderick but Snapper results showed that smaller fish mouth hooked and released with the hook in or removed had almost a 100% survival rate providing they were vented if they needed it and returned to water promptly,larger fish were totaly dependant on the amount of lactic acid build up,that is,large fish played out on light line would not fare well where as large fish caught in a reasonable amount of time,vented and returned to water had a good chance,gut hooked fish also faired well if the line was cut and the fish returned to water promptly.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Quote Originally Posted by raefpud
    Ok so maybe i shouldnt have called the kid a tosser, but as far as i'm concerned if he is old enough to handle a spear, he is old enough to know about reading the rules and responsibilites that go along with this privilege. Immaturity combined with testoterone and ignorance is a recipe for disaster, and please correct me if i am wrong.
    If the kid is ignorant enough not to know the rules about fresh water, then whats to stop him coming up with a maori wrasse or barramundi cod?? These rules are just as important.
    Lets apply this style of arguement to boating shall we?

    Plenty of older guys who own and operate a boat don't follow the rules.

    1. Ever been passed within 30m by a boat going faster than 10kt?

    2. Ever seen a boat underway at night (even drifting is regarded as "underway") without the running lights on?

    3. Ever seen fishing boats at anchor at night without a FULL ALL AROUND white light being dispayed? (no not one of those 6 inch high ones mounted on the transome either cause they are not meeting the requirements of the law)

    The guys who operate these boats are old enought to operate them so therefore are old enough to read and understand the laws. etc etc etc (I could bang on about that one for ages)

    Quote Originally Posted by raefpud
    the kid is ignorant with a dangerous weapon in his hand, just as dangerous as a fishing rod in the hands of an ignorant fisherman. The kid shouldnt have to come to Ausfish to find information he should already know. Ausfish can inform, but is not its duty to do that.
    Lets have a look at the real issue here.
    Applying this to boaties i am sure you agree they have "a dangerous weapon in his hand" too.

    I would prefer that anyone with any question at all ask it in here rather than have me run over them in my well lit up tinnie at night cause they didn't know any different.

    Ausfish CAN inform and that is the sole reason I am a member here. If you feel it NOT your duty to add information or provide advice then please hold back from the sort of rubbish you wrote in your 1st post because its DUTY is definately NOT to ridicule and belittle.



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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    ba229 - i just think its better to nab the kid while he is still young and still learning, rather than try to teach an old dog like yourself new tricks - try telling an old salt boatie he's doing something wrong when he's been doing that same thing for the last 3 decades.

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???

    Sorry to call you an old dog Alex - better appologise before i dig myself an even deeper hole. Can I ask, Do you adhere to size and bag limits? and if you do, do you adhere to those that are stated by Ausfish memebers or do you adhere to those that are made by DPI and fisheries?

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    Re: Spear fishing in fresh water???


    I'm glad you guys have got this all sorted and under control while I was away .

    Nothing like some interesting debate. Personally I hate dickheads fullstop. I hate spearos who are dickheads and I hate fishermen who are dickheads.

    Michael - you're on the right track - spend as much time in the water as possible, ask questions and read as much literature as possible on fish identification. As far as I'm concerned if I kill a fish - I eat it. I'm not a fan of spearos who kill for killing sake but I can't control every individual.

    Chris has given some good advice - I've never been a strong swimmer and do struggle to hold my breathe at depth but practise does make it better.

    Just a question mate - where are you doing most of your fishing because we may be able to help you in terms of fish species your likely to encounter and some tactics to required to fish better.


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