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    Bag limit question...

    With all this bad weather at the moment up here in Proserpine all we can do is sit around and talk about fishing. One thing has come up that no one seems to know the answer to, and that is , At what age does bag limits apply?

    ie: If I went fishing with my 4 year old and was lucky enough to boat 6 spanish mackerel, could the fisho's get me for being over the bag limit or would it be ok because there's two of us in the boat.

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    Re: Bag limit question...

    I just had a read here at the regualtions. Seems an age limit only applies to crab pots

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    Re: Bag limit question...

    Good way to introduce the 4yold to fishin . Hand him a rod with a Spanish on it .

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    Re: Bag limit question...

    i'm preety sure it would be anyone anyage. spose not to be to dumb as long as they can hold a rod you can have more

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    Re: Bag limit question...

    Gday Garth Im just up the road in Bowen, this weather sure is blowin

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