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    Moreton island crabbing

    I am heading over to Moreton next Friday and want to get some sandies. We will be camping between Bulwer and Tangalooma. I will just be using dillies and maybe some foldable pots as well. Info I am after is area. Water depth, bait, time, and length of time the post should stay down? You know stuff like that.

    Any way any help would be great thanks in advance Michael

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    come on guys little help

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    I've never seen anyone target sandies over there. Most of the crabbing done is for spanner crabs which is in 20 metres plus depth out past the reef.

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    your the one with 1000 posts i thought you'd be able to work out those questions real easy

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    you'd think so wouldn't ya

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    Quote Originally Posted by chemmy
    you'd think so wouldn't ya
    Hmmm not really lol

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    I've seen the blokes at the resort trying to get spanner crabs, but never sandies. Alternatively, if you walk along the beach with a pair of sunnies on you can easily grab those little crabs that hang around the water mark. No good to eat, but they might be good bait. See you over on the island mate.
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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing


    I have not done a lot of crabing at Moreton but always drop a few dillies down when we go whiting fishing at the sandhills. We usually manage a few sandies for the effort. Mostly found them in the 5 to 6m depths.

    Good luck.


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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    thanks mate i will try it

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    South of Tangas holds a few just into the weedline before it gets real deep out from the beach.

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    Hey chemmy,
    You can get some good sandies around moreton. Neways along the western beaches you can find them. Try and put them around weed. Night time place your pots in shallower water, as crabs move into shallower water at night. If you can get down to the bottom of moreton and crab around there, very productive. Best of luck.

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    thanks fellas will try it only 3 days to go woo hoo bring on the carb and wahoo

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    Re:  Moreton island crabbing

    Chemmy the wife and i are leaving for a 3 day trip over there , plan on parking the boat up behind the wrecks at night.

    If you see us give us a yell and say gidday.

    18 foot 6 carribean crestcutter , white with blue lines.

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