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    Beach fishing when the SE's blowing

    Just checking. Over the years (about ten) I have noticed that when South Easterly's are blowing the surf on the east coasts around brissie (teewah, moreton, gold coast and Northern NSW) are like a washing machine and you get no bait and no fish and lines just get swept into the beach.

    But then i keep thinking wind direction doesn't always determine water direction, so was this all coincidence and my cancelling trips cause the stations indicate strong South Easterly's are blowing means I've been a dill ?

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    Re:  Beach fishing when the SE's blowing

    g'day, porl, i know you posted this a while ago ( havent been on here for a while ) so if ya still interested .....

    ive found the complete opposite, the sou easter stirr up the food and bottom along the beaches, dislodging pipis etc which the fish love, it also makes the water dirty ( from the stired up sediment ) which i fing the fish use for cover and will move in closer during daylight hours

    a sou easter also creates white water which is a must have for tailor especialy.

    i know for a fact that on bribie around skirmish poit area the whiting realy start to fire up off the beach when the sou easters start hanging around.


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    Re:  Beach fishing when the SE's blowing

    i second drew - & will add that whiting go nuts in the ripple prior to a big SE blow in the estuaries at the pin & gold coast & the big ones come out to play.

    In the surf the rule is when its uncomfortable to fish, that's when you'll get the good fish. Any wind in a southern quarter.

    Southeast best, easterly second, then southwest, northeast, southerly, westerly, the others stay at home

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    Re:  Beach fishing when the SE's blowing

    Yeah we left this one for you Drew......we were surprise when you didn't jump on it.

    The forage fish like the disturbances to uncover food, ergo, if they come out to play the predators will follow

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    Re:  Beach fishing when the SE's blowing

    I agree one hundred percent. You need some action in the surf to stir up the food and bring fish on the bite. Last week I fished the beach north of Noosa every morning and afternoon (see my report). It blew 15 - 20 knots of SE every day and the surf was always up. This made the fishing a bit more difficult but the fishing was terrific. Most days I quit with the fish still on a very good bite and I gave away heaps of fish to other campers. By contrast I've also fished the beach when it has been almost dead calm and the fishing in those clear calm conditions is usually terrible. To fish in the rough conditions you might have to use more lead to reach the good water and you need good firm baits that can stand a good cast. If there is a strong sweep then cast out and then walk along the beach keeping level with your bait. Better still is to find a rip, where the water from the sweep goes back out to sea and cast into the edges of the rip. This is often where the fish are concentrated.
    Cheers Freeeedom

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