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    Any Spear Fisherman out here?

    hey I'm from geelong and wanna find a good spot to go spearfishing, can any one help me out?

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    Re: Any Spear Fisherman out here?

    Plenty of spearos here mate, but from memory none down your way. Oh, except for Bugman when he is in Tassie.....

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    Re: Any Spear Fisherman out here?

    hey jok,
    i live in nsw but make an annual fishing trip to geelong. We camp at indented head, just between st leonards an port arlington. Not only do we fish out in they bay, but spearfish regularly too. There is a "newish" boatramp on the indented head side of port arlington. There are large rocky outcrops around this boatramp, and i always find plenty to spear around that area. . .large flathead, leather jacket. . .etc. . . . Hope this helps ya out a bit mate. . . .Let me know how ya go if you get around to checkin it out. I recon the water would be pretty chilly after this time of year down that way.

    All the best,

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    Re: Any Spear Fisherman out here?

    Check out should find a few spearos

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