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    Jewies after rain

    Before we got all this rain I was a fishing a hole up the Tweed river on the high tide for jews. I hooked and saw one but dropped him boatside. When I reported this in the fishing reports section some people said I would become obsessed with this species. Well I am here to say they were completely correct!!!

    I was wondering if any guys that target jews on plastics could help me out with something. I have heard that after rain is a good time to target jews but is this just in the river mouths? What about 5 or 6 kilometres up river where it is probably gunna be brown water for a while? Should I give up there till it cleans up? I was wondering if the schoolies go down to the river mouths from spots like mine during the flush out.

    Has anybody seen the condition of the Tweed in the last few days? I think it may be doing a good impersonation of chockie milk.

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    Re: Jewies after rain

    Mark, Tye Porter used to ( or maybe still does ) write for Bush'n'Beach fishing magazine.

    I remember a story he did a while ago, and from memory he likes to fish for the Jewies after rain.

    He fishes down that area, so maybe a troll through some old mags will help, ????

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    Re: Jewies after rain

    Its not "fishing in the rain" but the effect the fresh water has on bait that makes jewies an easier target after good rain.
    The fresh pushes bait (mullet, prawns,herring etc) down stream.
    The bait will hold up in deeper holes that still have saltwater content and ultimatley if there is enough rain the bait will be forced out to the river mouth and onto the beaches.
    This concentration of baitfish gives you the target area for predators including jewies!

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    Re: Jewies after rain

    Thanks guys,

    There was little bait in my favourite hole on the weeked at the top and then again at the bottom of the tide.

    At least I know what I'm looking for now. When I hooked my first one I had a massive ball of bait below me.

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