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    New Webcam

    Yay, they finally have put up a new webcam for the seaway. It's great it pans all the way from the sand pumping station to wave break island. Bravo I say. Well done. About time. Etc.

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    Re: New Webcam

    Yes, I spotted this cam last week, and wondered if it was new. Now I sit in the office all day and know what Im missing > Not happy jan.

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    Re: New Webcam

    How cool is that! lovely calm day down there today too, pity about the work thing.

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    Re: New Webcam

    wouldn't it be great if it could throw out a line for you as well.....

    with Ausfish & webcams, daydreaming has never been easier

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    Re: New Webcam

    this is brilliant and good update for Brisvegas Tailor fishermen to check before travel to GC
    Thank you

    Happy fishing

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