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Thread: jigging

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    Re: jigging

    G'day Grozzo,Mate I don't have a lot to offer but I did see one of these rods fited up with a Trinidad 40 narrow a couple of months back and it was a formidable set up,the only thing I know about the reel is that ET was using one the last couple of times on his show,he seemed a little under guned when he was out with Damon Olsen,but it seemed okay when he was out of the Gold Coast.Not much constructive info there,but seeing I'm originaly from the 'Gong (Cringilla) I felt obliged to try.

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    Re: jigging

    Thanks alot mate for for the help it is much appreiciated

    At least you are willing to help ??? ???



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    Re: jigging

    Hi Grozz. Part of the lack of replies may be due to the fact that not many guys are using the Spheros for jigging (at this stage). I have not come across any field testing of them under tough jigging conditions, but if I do then I wil give you a tell.

    I suppose my question is why have you chosen, or have an interest in, this particular reel for jigging over other options including Penn Spinfishers or overheads?

    Is it cost, to give you more versatility so the reel can be used for other fishing techniques, read good things about them, a combo of all these factors?

    As for the Miller stick, if the blank has a medium taper with a strong base strength then it sounds like it is ideal. The guides should also be up to rigors of having PP (power pro yes?) running through them but I would check and ask what type of guides they are if not known already.

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    Re: jigging

    Someone from the board said they wanted to know more about the jigging reel I mentioned a while back. It was an MXL 6/4 Avet two speed with 6:1 as the top gear and 4:1 as the lower gear. Here is a page link from the US if you want to see what they look like.

    I am not sure where they are available on the Oz east coast, but do know that Bluewater Tackle in WA is about to stock them (so I hear).

    For those who want to follow that up, fire off an email to Hal Havey and he can fill you in on any details.

    mailto:Hal Harvey <>

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    Re: jigging

    well back to the top 8)

    this is a WA Samson fish. Had a new measureing board made 1600mm and the first fish fell over it. Weight - well I can dead lift 50/55kg and on this one I felt the pooper valve start to let go
    So the photo shot holding the tail, deck hose in the gob, tagged and back swimming around. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: jigging

    Steve you should get across sometime......

    this is how we work on fish that struggle.high volume /low pressure deck hose (fishy CPR) and the standard things ..shade the eyes, support the whole fish, no fingers in gills....

    off the soap box now 8)

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    Re: jigging

    G'day Al and thanks for the invite. Would love to. When business stops facing a strong eastward, and I can get a westerly direction happening I will be their with you.

    Glad to see the sambo's are keeping you busy and agree, that fish has got to be a very healthy 50 kg judging by it's length and frontal girth.

    More and more patches are being found over this way as well with AJ's and Cobes mixed in with them. Summer is on it's way and jigging season almost upon us so stay tuned for east coast results as they come to hand.

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    Re: jigging

    Hi Steve ... one of those scarier years the fish are just getting bigger and bigger..must finally have them on a piece of string
    Is Caranx down under over summer?

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    Re: jigging

    Hi Steve ... one of those scarier years the fish are just getting bigger and bigger..must finally have them on a piece of string
    Is Caranx down under over summer?

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    Re: jigging

    I sent this message Shikari for his advice, but then I thought others might be in a similar position or at least be able to contribute so I've posted it here as well.
    I have purchased a Shimano Ocea Jigger 3000P reel. I believe it's the equivalent of a Trinidad 20 but not usually available on the Australian market. Was planning on putting 50lb braid on it. How do you think the Harro's Braid would go? I think that's the Platypus Super Braid isn't it or is that different stuff? Pink in colour?
    Also what rod would you recommend for the reel for jigging?
    I visited the Japanese website you recommended in the previous threads. Looks great, but doing the conversion, does it sound about right that the rods are about $1000 and the jigs are about $30 each?
    I was hoping to get away with just $100-300 for the rod.
    For your info, I'll be located at the Gold Coast next year.
    Many thanks for your input,

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    Re: jigging

    G'day Al. I am not sure if Nicola will make it down this way this year. He has a young first born so I am not sure what his plans are.

    HM, as far a reels go, just keep in mind what will be required if your reel needs to be serviced or repaired. Now that the AVET distribution seems to have been sorted out for Oz then I am leaning more and more towards the MXL two speed that I have mentioned here before.

    I simply like the fact that the lower gear allows the angler to really dig in on the fish at the first strike or inversely, stay in the higher gear when zipping jigs toward the top.

    Rod wise I am just about to play with a 7 foot x 24 kg jig stick that should have enough beef in it for what we need. Has an Australian made Pacific composite blank and we have asked that the guides be tough enough to handle braid.

    These will retail around $420.00 AUD. While slightly longer than we wanted, we also plan to cast big GT poppers using the same rod so the extra bit of length is needed.

    Here is an image of those GT poppers for those who want a military tank version with unbreakable parts. Fraser Island GT poppers for sure.

    As for braid types, not a fan of pink so in my book any 50 lb braid will do the job. Just make sure you wind it on wet and tight. That will stop it bedding down on it'self under severe drag pressure.

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    Re: jigging

    Thanks Steve,
    The reel is up with Jack Erskine at the moment. He'll advise on whether it needs a drag kit or not.
    I'll look for your thoughts on that rod with interest.
    Thanks again,

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    Re: jigging

    hy ppl i have just got a tld 25 wif 50lb braid on a 15 to 24 kg live fibre its that da stuff to use i know it abit heavey but imm a tuff 14 yr old man lol

    and im wonder any ground off the coast maloolahba out to da banks any where from 40m to 140m

    wats better

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    Re: jigging

    Does anybody have thoughts on retrieve ratios? Do you guys recomend high speed ratios (6:1) or "regular" ratios (4.9:1)? I have heard many people discuss the pros and cons of each ratio and was wondering if anybody out there had some more input to the debate.

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