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Thread: jigging

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    Re: jigging & new Accurate Spin reels

    Hi Nick.

    Jig colours that work best in SEQ for Amberjack, Cobia or Kings tend to be the orange cuttlefish in 370 gms or Knife Jigs in either black/gold or green/gold. Jig weight will depend on the depth of water your fishing. The general rule is that 30 gm of jig weight = 10 metres of depth so a 180 gm jig is good for 60 metres as a general rule (and subject to tide/current strength). Both have slim line profiles so you can work the jigs more easily.

    Another workhorse jig we are trialing at present is the glow head Big Banger Jig up to 360 gms with a stainless grub keeper up inside the nylon tail. This allows the angler to attach a 3 cm x 20 cm squid strip bait, or large/long soft plastic, into the jig for added performance.

    The other advantage of this jig is that the mainline/leader attachment eyeloop is on top of the jig which means it rocks more easily when jigged and generates a more natural (baitfish) type of action. This means a lot less work for the angler.

    Overall big GT poppers need to be tough and able to generate plenty of noise by pushing lots of water at the front end. Colour does not seen to matter much as long as the popper can do the above. We stock the Dumbell poppers by River2Sea and they catch more than there share of big GT's. The only issue to watch out for is if you are in 4X GT territory.

    Then you need to check your split rings and treble hook strength (on any popper).

    As for the new Accurate Spin reel, I saw, and played with, one in July of this year. In fairness to the reel, the one I was shown was a prototype.

    Having said that, it has a long way to go in terms of balance and performance. The reel tended to throw it's weight badly to the left and the spool clashed with the lower gearbox/spline housing when cranked quickly.

    Being made from solid CNC'ed aluminium it was notably heavier than other reels of it's size or capability, despite trying to lighten the reel spool with a series of venting holes. Drag pressure potential seemed high but no figures were given at the time of inspection.

    At this stage it seems there is a long way to go before (a) the product is saleable and then (b) the retail price tag mentioned to me at the time is likely to scare a lot of anglers off (including me).

    I think I will stick with a Penn Spinfisher with a Jack Erskine drag kit for now given the limited use I would have for the Accurate version.

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    Re: jigging

    Master Jig Builder

    Many thanks for your comments on the prototype Accurate spin reel. Your comments were similar to ones I heard through the grapevine.

    I used to buy your jigs (and giant soft plastic tails) for use off Townsville - with great success. I can only speculate at the identity of those ocean dwellers whose needs were obviously were greater than mine.

    Given that the GT's we managed to land were regularly close to 40KG, the ones we didnt were probably transplanted from an alien world!


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    Re: jigging

    guys... when jigging i am finding that my hook is wrapping around the jig like shown in the photo, is this normal if not how can i stop it.

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    Re: swing hook problems

    Jeff there are two problems with those swing hooks.

    (a) the loop material is a stretch plastic and not dyneema so they cut through faster and move easier around the jig and
    (b) the coating over the loop is not long enough up the loop.

    Here is what they should like if you want to avoid the above (IMHO)

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    Re: Peter - FNQ jigs & GT Poppers

    G'day Peter and glad to hear you found those Predator lead head jigs useful. They are the workhorse artillery in any northern angler/guides tackle box that is for sure. At least with a nylon firetail on the rear they last well. Also allow you to switch from casting to jigging to trolling without chaning tackle (most of the time).

    GT's to 40kg hey? Great sized fish.

    Did you have problems with poppers being too light, breaking or pulling apart on bigger fish? I have been on the hunt for a big GT popper that would last and have finally found some that weight a perfect 180 gms x 200mm long. Just right for those windy days.

    Take a look below and tell me what you think:

    Good thing is they are Aussie made which pleases me no end.

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    Re: jigging

    It may sound awful, but the poppers we used most were those horrible Producer Poppers that you see in the $5 bins at large department stores. Plain white or silver with a red head were most effective. We beefed up the hardware on the poppers and given that we were 40+ nautical miles offshore, we only fished on days with no more than 10 knots of breeze. Casting distance did not seem to be an issue. Of course, that is before we started getting a little more serious with tackle.

    Our most successful jigs (apart from predators) were 85gm Raiders with plain blue, purple or purpe/blue. Bumpa Bars (the other jig that gets a lot of publicity up north) weren't very productive.

    I do believe that larger poppers would be more successful in attracting the attention of the bigger GTs, particularly in the locations we fished, which were up to 45m deep.

    The dumbell styles look most promising to me. My recent attempt to try these out on a holiday back in Townsville was marred by 25 knots of wind and a nasty flu. Hope to go back early next year.

    I'll check out the popper and get back to you.

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    Re: jigging

    Hi Steve

    These poppers look hot and should push a lot of water. Hardware looks great and they should also drive the medium spaniards (6-15kg) off Townsville mad when they are on.

    Just thinking of a GT bulleting to the surface and then heading due south in 40 metres of water has got me missing the north. That 30 seconds or so of of 50lb screaming just can't be beat!


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    Re: jigging

    Nothing wrong with cheaper made poppers for most uses it seems to me Pete. It is only when we get into the larger GT's that we have experienced gear failure and hence the need to find something that will not snap, pull eye loops, or puncture.

    Yep, the Raider is hard to go past agree. Solid gear is needed in tropical waters that is for sure.

    Were you using larger shad head jigs on those soft plastics you mentioned. They guys in WA have been using 3/4 - 4 oz versions with a lot of success on Dhufish, Coral Trout and others. getting the head weight right is the key so that when the plastic is attached the jig falls at a nice slow rate and flutters on the fall.

    Others have been using the glow in the dark shad heads at night and having a ball.

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    Swing hook problems

    Jeff here is another option, especially if your fish are hitting lower on the jig, rather than near the top eyeball as some do.

    The other point worth mentioning too is that your swing hook should be slightly over sized (compared to the width of your jig) and down the jig further.

    That swing hook in your image is a Gamakatsu and too small for the green searock jig, hence it is hanging up on the body. To me it looks like it needs a 7/0 on it instead.

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    Re: jigging

    Hi Steve

    We used large ball jig heads (3/5 OZ?) and the longer bullet style 3oz(?) jigs with the eyes stuck on. White heads and green tails were a good combo.


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    Re: jigging

    thanks you sell pre made rigs?

    peter- missing the north... we need to get you out and onto the billfish

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    Re: jigging


    Sounds good to me.


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    Re: jigging

    Hi Jeff. yes we do in all weights, shapes and sizes. You might find this link helpful:

    If not, give me a call on 07-3217 3120 and we can discuss your jig needs more specifically.

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    Re: jigging

    Hi all I am thinking about getting a Spheros 14000 and a 24kg Ian Miller jig Stick with the new PP braid…. Do you think that this would be a good set up for jigging… I will be jiggin in waters between 35-125 meters depends if I can get out there on the day….

    I am intersted to here you guys opinon on this combo… good or bad, and some reccomendations on the type of jigs would be good too, I fish off Port Kembla in Wollongong or Shellharbour, Kiama, Ulludulla or where ever else my boat takes me…



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    Re: jigging

    nobody wants to help me???

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