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Thread: jigging

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    Re: jigging

    Thanks Justin. Yeah, I noticed that the 80lb Fireline was extremely stiff and was wondering how it would wear and how effective it would be???
    I'll check out the platypus super braid since the PE line is out of the price range

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    Re: jigging

    I finally got in some Fishing on Friday and here is a pickie of the jigs I used. The squid looking jigs I'm not sure if I should refer to as jigs or if you'll call them working plastics, in any case they moved well in the water at the 24's and attracted some hits the biggest lockup managed to break away before I got him to the top but it feels encouraging. I'd be interested in your thoughts on how to work the jig best.

    The other jig in the picture was given an unsuccessful workout on the 36's. I'd drop him to the bottom and then pull up as fast as I could a couple of times lettng it drop back down a metre or two before pulling up like mad again... Refining the action might not hurt as I had no hits on this jig. Comments appreciated.

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    Re: jigging

    Hi all, lines hmmm... spend the money, the PE lines are worth it. Not a fan of the fused braids, but you should get away with super braid. You could always "mark" this line at 1,5,10m to give you a depth indication.
    The "cal's" drag plates came from Jack Erskine
    Not pushing products (leave that to the tackle shops)but this is two links that are worth looking at.
    The cal's site can be found athttp://<a href="</a>or for the Aussie connection

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    Re: jigging

    This is some of the jigs that I use.. most are end weighted as most of the jigging that I do is in 110m. The jigs that I like weigh from 300 to 520grm. I also have jigs that weigh 1000grm for the "deep" stuff

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    Re: jigging

    Fin addict,
    What does the TT stand for?

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    Re: jigging

    TT stands for 'Tackle Tactics'.

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    Re: jigging

    question in regards to dyneema and kevlar next to the hook?

    I have some 175kg Kevlar wire eg it is thin braided wire with braided Kevlar around it.

    Would this be any good for the above use as it is red looking and is thin, but if I hack at it with pleir and all kinds of stuff it has no effect on it.
    Just trying to find a use for it seeing as it was free and is just laying around.

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    Re: jigging

    hey nick

    just put it through some sort of test and make ur own mind up about the strength and durability, thiner would probably be better (not sure on color), if i were u I would do something like put the kevlar stuff under quite a bit of tension and the hit it with something thats got some sort of edge on it (not razor sharp) az the fish dont carry razors well some dont, and then maybe do the same tests with some dyneema as a comparison
    the dyneema that been using is 250pds (i just go with the flow and do what every1 else seems to be doing )

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    Re: jigging

    i've already tested it under 15kg of pressure with side cutters hacking at it. the only way to cut it was with a massive set of crimping plier that had a fencing wire style cutter on it.

    I think the kevlar wire is a bit to stiff as I haven't tried to tie a decent knot in it and feel that it would be pretty hard to do so unless I tied a worlds fair knot and then fizzed the tip but the wire in it would hamper the melting of the end.

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    Re: jigging

    G'day TROUT TT stands for Tackle Tactics.. They make a great range of gear...I was never one for soft plastics and all the hype until i got to use the good gear...We would have pulled double the GT's and Bludger trevally on their deepwater jigs than the River 2 Sea gear up north e few weeks ago.. The amberjack and kingies around Moreton love to SMACK EM aswell... Ross

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    Re: jigging

    Nick B that kevlar wire is fine to use if your fishing with the razor gang in your area.

    The critical issue is how it is attached to your swing hook and the style of hook to be used. As you can see (in the image posted by Al Bevan), the hook needs to be a short shanked recurve style.

    With that wire, I would form a double loop and attach it to your hook.

    There are several methods for attaching it to the hook and attention to detail on any of these methods is critical if you want it to hold on tough fish.

    As mentioned in anothe post here today (by me), if your jigging for wahoo then a rear mounted spinner blade on your jig is also a hot advantage.

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    Re: jigging

    steve just a quick question.

    Out of the Jigs you make what ones do you find the Bigger GT's and Kingies and Ambers go for and why. This question is for SEQ waters as colours and lure shape requirements change for colder and different coloured water and local bait school's as you well know.

    Just wondering as I will have to test some new Penn reels for work soon and I will be doing a review on the New Accurate spin reel after being involved in its long the development.

    Can't wait for your much valued opinion mate!

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    Re: jigging

    Is ther any preliminary news on the accurate twin drag spin reel? I have seen a photo or two but not a live one

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    Re: jigging

    can't gove you any info on the Accurate another month as alot of things are being finalized ATM.

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    Re: jigging

    Look forward to hearing in due course


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