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Thread: jigging

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    Re: jigging

    after putting the hook i rigged on a 230 gram knife jig it doesnt look right.. doesnt look like there is enough hook for a big lure like that?

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    Re: jigging

    Most of the fish you will be targeting, when deepwater jigging will attack the jig from the head first, so that's why the hook is at the head.
    You can put two hooks on the rig if you like, one long and one short, but it will be more prone to snagging on the bottom and will be a lot more dangerous when landing the fish and trying to get the hook out. Amberjack are good, when they come into the boat they are normally pretty calm and just wait for you to take the hook out, Kingfish on the other hand go mental on try to wreck the boat and the extra hook can get dangerous.

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    Re: jigging

    mullys like em

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    Re: jigging

    the fish can shake its head as much as it wants without getting any leverage.a big barbless single also makes it much nicer on the fish.
    the tag recaptures we are getting are showing lots of long distance travel,mostly down the south coast to esperence.

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    Re: jigging

    this one shows it a bit better.dont go too big on the hook sizes as it results in hooking the fish everywhere except the mouth,sometimes causing massive damage to them due to the extreme drag pressure.
    oh maybe not.didnt realize the pic was that small

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    Re: jigging

    try again

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    Re: jigging

    Boat load of jigging gear

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    Re: jigging

    Bent up Fisherman/VanStaal combo

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    Re: jigging

    Not just deep water, this trout was taken on a 120grm jig in 25m of water. One of a few that day.....

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    Re: jigging

    how would a tld 25 loaded with 50 pound braid hold up on a 24 kg live fibre rod.

    i am keen as to give this a go.

    is there anywhere close to try from bribie in a 14ft tinny with 20hp.

    top pics guys. [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: jigging

    kingfisher, they do the job fine, fished off a gimble you can get plenty of drag out of a tld25 without ripping them apart, with some adventure a run to hutchies is the way to go just pick your weather.

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    Re: jigging

    what direction is hucthies. how far from bribie.
    does anyone have a gps mark for that spot



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    Re: jigging

    Kingfisher, Hutchies is 10km north of Cape Morten.. About 5km north of Flinders Reef, which is the exposed reef. You can't miss it. From there the water depth can fall to 100 meters in 3km east of the reefs.

    If his is a help it is a GPS mark of the Flinders reef. Hope it is helpful.


    Good Luck
    "Reef Hustler" - Seafarer Victory 6.0m & 225hp Honda

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    Re: jigging

    Looks like its still up to me to ask the silly questions
    Thanks for the previous replies they make perfect sense now. What is the reason for using the nylon "string" rather than using mono? Wouldn't mono or even wire give you the same effect of not allowing leverage?
    Also do you all use barbless? (I'm usually targeting a feed rather than just a fight).

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    Re: jigging

    The hooks are all barbless, may loose a few fish but it comes back to basic angler skill that you keep pressure on the fish. give it some slack and the hook can come out.
    I use kevlar to make up assist hooks. This stuff does not spin or twist up. Hope this helps
    tight lines

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