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Thread: jigging

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    ok after seeing all the questions popping up in the reports section i thought i would start a new section here for all the guys who like me, want to have a go at some jigging.

    i have sent out a few pms for some info on it and got some great help (thanks guys). maybe the same guys (and others) can post any relevant info in this thread to help us all out.

    WHERE to look for good ground
    WHAT gear to buy
    HOW to use it

    i bought myself a torium 20 today and going to look at some rods in the next few days.

    thanks in advance to all who reply


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    Re: jigging

    Good thread Jeff I am keen to know a bit about the sport!!

    Hope to see some good responses.


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    Re: jigging

    Hey Jeffo, we've done a fair bit of it but off the cape. We've jigged in around 40m or so around hutchies. Theres a well know spot around hutchies that has been know for awhile. We've used 50ib braid with raider 300gram jigs. Its hard work. I know your up the coast but there a bloke down here who runs lutwyche tackle and he's the man to talk to. There been doing it for ages and have had real good success with it. Luke

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    Re: jigging

    That spot wouldn't be Batmans Home town, now would it Luke ?

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    Re: jigging

    Eastern side of hutchies or there abouts, its amazing on a good day all the boats that sit on top of hutchies and don't do all that well, but there is alot water between the fish. Maybe even whitchdoctor knows or was fishing the same area on the weekend?

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    Re: jigging


    that tackle shop at Lutwyche, is that "Jones Tackle" opposite Lutwyche shopping centre on Lutwyche Rd? I'm hopefully going out (pray for good weather) with John Gooding this weekend, and am going to hit him up for a go at jigging. Bring on the Amberjacks.

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    Re: jigging

    Neil from Jones is the man to see.

    He has all the gear too. Just make sure your credit card can handle the strain.


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    Re: jigging

    neil also runs weekend long jigging and popping trips up to harvey bay once a month or so. if ur interested that is

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    Re: jigging

    Theres a video which was given to a few tackle shops produced by the guys at Accurate ( jigging gear ) and alongside the guys from Jones's tackle they go through the gear ie jigs, rods and reels and basically they catch fish one after another really good viewing so if you can get a copy off someone worth a watch.

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    Re: jigging

    any one got a copy of it??
    i bought myself a 20kg live fibre baitcaster today for the torium.. which is now loaded with 70lb "jig man" braid. just need the know how and im out there!

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    Re: jigging


    I use a 300gm jig most times I'm out there, I am fishing in 80- 90 mtrs of water and look for a bit of life on the eastern side of the reef where it starts to drop off. I see the fish on the sounder just as it drops off or on the deeper side. Only started this in the last two months and so far I am certain this is the wrong method as I haven't had one hit.

    You can scratch this method of your "going to try list"

    Also floated liveys in the same type of areas with minimal resuts, although I think its only a matter of time

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    Re: jigging

    sounds like we need to go searching and trying together gav... yehar was getting some nice kings at the tiger kelly last weekend

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    Re: jigging

    Jeffo, waiting for the sounder to come back, hopefully tomorrow.. but I wouldn't hold my breath

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    Re: jigging

    This is my first post on the site. Been visiting for a good while now, so I thought I better get envolved. We have been doing a bit of jigging with our tld20 livefibre combos but I don't think they are going to cope with much more. Mainly been doing it at the top of the barwons out in 90m and at the caloundra 12 mile. Getting a few aj's and y/tail kings and heaps of small pearlies. Find the bait on top of features in that depth and fish won't be far away. Will be investing in a specific jigging outfit soon. Looking at saltiga and torium reels and catalina rods. Heard that there might be some good rods coming out soon for a lot less money. Hopefully have a report after the weekends jigging effort. Tony.

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    Re: jigging

    Hi jeff,

    As perko said, look for bait on a structure, drift through jigging up through them, most are hit on the pause. Although you do get ocassionally thumped on the drop Find the bait, find the fish - just like gamefishing..

    When it copmes to gear, Mate if you thought gamefishing was expensive, I went through $300 in jigs and line in 2 days.

    You need heavy heavy heavy..
    Torium, trindidads, saltiga 40+ or the 6000, stella 20000, accurate 665hxm even heard of someone using an accurate atd6. You've seen my outfit, and with 100lb braid, it still wasnt enough!

    must have a gimbal, be able to be loaded to the max without snapping in two - the Calstars 760s are now becoming pretty popular, also look at smith and catalina or saltiga. My graphite usa has a too heavy tip, you want some thing with a softish tip so you can work the jig up without the line wrapping the tip.

    Depends on the water depth
    200-300 are ok up 60m
    300-400 60-120m
    Jigs ace are the best, ultra fast sink but get bent fairly easily by noahs, went through 3 just from sharks. Sure catch are OK, but take a while to get down which is a real problem in deep water. With shallow water, when they're on the chew anything will do.

    Dianchi, Decoys are the go. If seen some hoodlems opened up like paperclips.

    I use hook - ring - splitring - ring - leader 100-150lb - mainline
    get massive splits 300lb they also tend to open up

    Good luck jeff


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