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    GPS Marks for Brunswick Heads

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone out there help me with getting some gps marks for Brunswick Heads, going down there for a long weekend, and want to get outside a few times.


    Tight Lines

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    Re: #GPS Marks for Brunswick Heads


    I have never fished outside Brunswick - but I have these few marks from a publication, so they will be a starting point only. There's a green zone to the south, so make sure that you ask locally where you can't go. And remember, you need a fishing licence in NSW. good luck


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    Re:  GPS Marks for Brunswick Heads

    Hi Muzz,

    Tony is right, the above marks will definatly get you in the general areas.
    All the mentioned marks are producing the odd snapper but very early is best.
    Windarra Banks is producing nothing and you probably shouldn't waste fuel going out there-HONEST

    Capt Mark 'Mono' Stewart
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    Re:  GPS Marks for Brunswick Heads

    somehow I just don't believe you Mono, can't work out why?
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