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    Hss of the rocks

    Ive just moved to south east queensland and im looking to do some land based Hss. I don't mind traveling to get to good spots. Im looking for some info on good places to try and the line class and slugs which have worked for others. I have a 10 footer with a overhead 6:1 which does the job nicley. Im realy keen to get stuck into some macks, tuna and cobia. If you dont want to post it for everyone to see let me know and give you some details.

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    Re:  Hss of the rocks

    Try google earth on Noosa National Park or go back through reports looking for noosa or lbg.

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    Re:  Hss of the rocks

    SEQ is a big area mate if you narow it down a bit you might geta bit more luck
    I fish the rocks at Hastings point just over the boader but if you nth of brisvagas than a bit of a drive

    Rainbow Trout is NOT skittle flavoured fish.........

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    Re:  Hss of the rocks

    I've moved to Brisbane but i don't mind traveling and making a week end out of it. ill try having a look a noosa. i've been down to hastings point and loved the place wish work was further south so i could live down that way.

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