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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Dear all ausfish members,

    I will be hiding under my bed crying like a little girl until Big Unit goes away. He is a mean mean man. I don't want to be a smashed nut! What is he talking about, "stepping into a ring?" I don't like the sounds of that, boo boo hooooooo! Some one call Australia's most wanted and tell em Jimmy wrecking balls slugfest is alive and chatting on ausfish.


    PS I was having a crappy day until I read your post big uni, thanks bud.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.


    The key to a succesful drum line is the rubber straps with rope back-up. Inner tubes seem quicke good and handled some very big sharks. I think the bait was roughly 8 big fish frames from memory.

    It's quite a site to see a 25ltr tactic plastic drum pulled under the water

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeMo84
    , and secondly what would i want to catch a 1000lbs shark for? i have no use for a 1000lbs shark
    Plenty of peolpe have no use for a 1000lbs marlin too but it doesn't stop them from killing them. Just to see how big the marlin is seems to be a good enough reason.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Any excuse to avoid catching them... get some balls, at least raef can kick em then 8)

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    This is like that bloody thread on boat of the year. I resisted that till it got to 20 pages and then just had to have a look.

    At this rate it is never going to make it to page 2.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Die post DIE [smiley=behead.gif] [smiley=hanged.gif] [smiley=rifle.gif] [smiley=smash.gif]
    In all seriousness though, this is Ausfish- a damn good fishing site. I hope all of the comments made are in humour, as all of mine were and no comments offended me in anyway . Some seemed to be mis-understood or possibly intended as an attack or insult to fellow members. If anyone is serious about wanting to talk about how tough they are then go to a fight chat room. I don't know most of you from a bar of soap and if you want to say your tougher than me- then you are- fine with me. Although I used to throw my hands at south-coast boxing championships, millions of people out there could still send me flat without working a sweat. I think this has all been good fun and a way to vent daily frustrations, but it seems that some are taking it serious. If so, then how about we seriously let this post die or a moderator delete it in the best interest of this site. If not, then nows the time to tell you that your mum is fat and she wants me bad

    My LAST post on this topic.
    Cheers, Jay.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Firstly ba229 i dont give a toss what "they" like to do, i was talkin about myself and mackmauler i know your a top notch fisherman, much respect to that, but if you think the reason i wouldnt chase one is due to lack of balls than you can put raef's balls in your mouth and hum his favourite song, think of it as more giant sharks for you to catch you ocean commando you

    P.S ur pic looks like the IRA on a fishing trip all in good fun... 8)

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    I have been avoiding this post since it started as I have no interest in Drum lining for sharks. #I have just now read it for the first time, because it seemed to be getting so much interest.

    Wow # great entertainment. # Thanks guys ... made my night #

    There should be an alert system when one of these posts starts up, so that we don't miss out for so long. #Maybe Steve Mr Ausfish could create a flag to signify "sh!t fight in progress" #


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    hahaha - can you all please take my balls out of your mouths - i think my balls have been thrown around enough - how about copping mackmaulers knackers in ur gobs for a while - hahahaha - its all good fun guys, and i get hours of great entertainment from these types of posts - and for those of you who have read my posts before, i have just found a new ausfish member that has gone straight to No.1 in the hitlist - can anyone guess who it is?

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Who raef? I bet we are all just dying to know! [smiley=sleeping.gif]

    Oh, by the way, I'm still under the bed. Grandma set the computer up underneath the bed for me, so I don't have to come out of hiding. Grandma is sitting on her rocking chair on the front porch with a loaded .22 pointing down the drive-way. I told her that if she see's a dairy cow pull up outside the house holding an australian flag and singing walt sing matilda, to shoot it down at all costs.

    This is good therapy, Mick

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    You guys are Australias most funny. Undisputed and unanimous decision. I wish this kind of humour was more prevelant in todays society. Good on ya fellas, I hope nobody does take this banter seriously though, it would be very unAustralian of you. I havent laughed so hard in a while. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    So Raef, Youve acquired a new target. Who is it ? I can see a few that would include me. By the way you created some horrible visual pictures.

    Maybe this post should be called " Sh!t fight in progress " it certainly would be more fitting. I would love to say this is my last post on this topic but I know someone out there needs to be humoursly insulted. So I will check back after the New Zealand Drumlining championships which I have decided to enter after all this encouragement. God bless & God speed to you all.


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Ok, I'm slowly crawling out from under the bed...., ooh..., hang on..., grandma wants her feet rubbed, so I am going back under for a while.
    Big uni, I will enter the In Zid drumleening chimpionships with you. I think if wi sit one up from Bitiny biy in Sydniy, to Aukland in In Zid, wi shild git a fiw. I think it will be choice cos. Wi can have fesh n cheps if wi git a fiw sheeks.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    I'm I the only one to have posted anything on this topic ?????

    Silly me - what was I thinking (knocks oneself out with a quick left) [smiley=dizzy.gif]

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Hey bugman, I admit I did laugh a few times when one of your serious comments was sitting amoung 10 or so other posts in a shite flinging contest. Your posts sort of looked like a polar bear in the sandy desert, yet probably made more sence then most of the other crud that had been written (me inclusive).
    After you regain consciousness knock yourself out again to teach you not to knock yourself out.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    bugman can you please tell me what the topic was again???
    i sort of lost track after about post number 5
    ya know i'm still none the wiser for reading any of this

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