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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    OK. Lets let this post rest and work it's way onto the next page. I think we can all agree by now that nobody WANTS to set up a drum-line. raefpud wants to kick someone in the nuts, Simon just wanted an excuse say he's smart and to post his pic, Boxhead enjoys having sex with fish, Big-unit's enemies end up unconcious, Kratzy enjoys stirring, Zeeke is close to the top of the food chain and that Fishinmishin bloke not only is smart, but damn handsome and witty. Good, now that we all agree, lets walk away- cause I was about to have to open a can of whoop ass on all ya.
    Cheers, Jay

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    *undoes his long hair and lets out a wookie growl* raaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr im near the top of the food chain.. all 6'4 and 130 kgs of me.. woot

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    I’m sorry Raefpud. Is that what you wanted to hear? No one here is bragging about qualifications, just addressing your very question. How dare somebody have an answer for you? Lol.

    All this arguing, and still no one has addressed the issue of government drum lining. This is something which is happening as we speak.

    Where’s the care factor in that?


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Simon how many 1000lbs sharks have i caught? None. How many drumlines have i set-up? None. Firstly im not sure if your trying to insult my intelligence by implying i am unable to understand the concept of or construct a drumline, which to be honest is nothing to brag about(not saying it would be the Rolls Royce of drumlines) , and secondly what would i want to catch a 1000lbs shark for? i have no use for a 1000lbs shark and to be honest dont have suitable equipment, if i was gonna try and catch one i'd get myself a capable rod and reel and fish for it with a line before i went and welded shut a 40 gallon drum, welded a length of chain onto it and finally attach a hook with a bait as big as my dog, this aint jaws part 6 and im not the government, id rather catch a big jewie than a big shark, sorry to keep stirring but i felt a little insulted now we can let her R.I.P 8)

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    NeMo - You could put it in your pool.... Then invite the neighbours over for a swim

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    i agree to disagree. everyone is entitled to an opinion wether you class that as stirring because you disagree is up to you

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.


    I want to know what size bait to use on my brand new drumline..... How bigs ya dog


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    hahaha look here you fishfuc*er dont drag me into this Ausfish episode of Jerry Springer [smiley=argue.gif] [smiley=argue.gif] i hate everyone equally [smiley=laugh.gif]

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.


    Getting back to the original question.

    I've seen a drum line being made and seen a drum line put into action. Funnily enough it was on a charter boat and done by the deckies. The skipper told the deckies (who wanted to do it) that they had to ask every person on board whether it was ok.

    I'd never seen them in operation before so I said yes - many others were more gun ho. Two big sharks were landed that night and the drum line was put away never to be seen again on our charter.

    They then brought out a photo of a Tiger caught on the drum line some years ago - 12 people were sitting on its back #

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Thanks. I guess it didnt hold a lot of appeal for you hey ?


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Jay, not shy are ya mate? Leaving the phone number quietened a few bucket loads of testosterone. I might get meself one of those bonds singlets to gain a bit more respect. I guess no one wants to f#*k with the big dog, hey?
    Nice work fella and sorry, I held my breath up until page 6 of this post (seems you had everything under control) and I would also like to see this post slip over to page 2.


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Mighty mouse Mick,
    So you grew a ball last night and now your chucking in your two bobs worth. How about you and Slim Shady (who also grew 1 ball recently) step into the ring with me, seeing as your both so chummy with eachother. 1 ball + 1 ball = 2 nuts so if when I knock you 2 together you will be smashed nuts. Is that the kind of response you wanted ??? flmao.

    Jimmy " Wrecking balls " Slugfest.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Geez big unit touchy touchy chill out man you should only get this upset when it has been blowing 25 knots for 2 months.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Na man, Im in my happy place the Doc says I am much better now.

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