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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    James from what i understand this is a recreational fishing site, drumlining in my book aint recreational fishing, its just killing sharks, more to the point theres no sport in it, its not rocket science to set one up, its actually very simple, but to be honest im pretty sure it would be illegal, and if not it should be, you dont catch tiddlers with drumlines and big ones are no good to eat,and its not as if your actually catching it, more like a trap in my opinion, what do others reckon?

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    Drum lines for Sharks.

    Firstly, does anyone know if its legal to set drum lines up for catching sharks ? Secondly, does anyone know how to set one up ? I am just curious really, hopefully curiousity wont kill the cat.


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    big unit mate - ur setting yourself up for a raefpud name calling, beware because many have been offended before by my name calling, i'm a bit like a bully in a schoolyard. But lucky for you i will bite my tongue, just because your curious, and because i cant really add much to to what Nemo has said.................
    you can set up a drum line if you want, but like the famous words of a famous ausfisher once said "it wouldnt stop us from kickin ya in the nuts".
    My 2 cents

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    so raefpud is it illeagle or just moraly wrong or both???
    surly it can't be leagal and if it is would have to be the same as set lines and need it taged and with you no more then ten meters away ???
    me for one would really have a big problem with someone doing this as i like sharks and don't see why they need to be killed at all just for a trophy
    up north they will relocate a problem croc but down south if a white attacks it is shoot and ask questions later! >
    have no problems with people catching sharks but aslong as they are either released if not for eating or taken and used for food
    hell i myself is a bit partial to the old flake [smiley=chef.gif]

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    I suggest you get a big drum, float it in a canal, anchored preferably, strong wire line. big hook & lots of burley.

    Then swim about holding a big hook calling "here sharkey sharkey shark"

    If it is not illegal then it is very unsporting.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Why not just go and anchor somewhere and berley hard for a couple of hours and take some of them on on stand up 15kg... This will cure ya curiousity for a while.... You will also be suprised at what else sniffs up the trail....


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Quote- I am just curious really, hopefully curiousity wont kill the cat.

    Well looks like you cat is dead. I agree with all the following posts. Fishing already has some fights to recognise it as a sport and not 'cruelity to animals' as some state. That question didn't help but I don't think you intended harm and mabey after you make better decisions and after raefpud 'kicks you in the nuts' we can all be freinds again. Oh joy!! [smiley=angel.gif] [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Where in the first post does it say "I want to set one up"?

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    Like I originally stated I am just curious with all the recent talk of Sharks and actually heard a guy on talkback radio mention Drum lining but his information didnt sound right to me. So I asked you guys for more correct info. Just for the record, I aint dead, I am not swimming around in a canal with a hook and oh yeah, nobodies gonna kick me in tha nuts without the attempted kicker regaining conscieness with a broken jaw. Go easy men, I just asked a question or two, never did I say that I was heading out to do it. I love fishing and actively promote it.


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    OK. Now are we all friends again? Good, now let us all fish and be merry .
    Before that though- Boxhead, this having sex with fish thing is really bothering me. I eat fish! Raefpud, can you kick him in the nuts please .

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    hahahha - i aint kickin no one in the nuts, its a bit of a low blow, and i prefer to use the "jump up in the air, flying spinning roundhouse kick to the jugular" that jackie chan taught me.....hahahaha - i never made that quote, but if ur really curious as to who did, look under "spearfishing in freshwater" topic in the posts, i thought it was appropriate at the time.
    I can gaurantee you that drumlining for sharks is illegal, and many sharks such as great white and grey nurse are now totally protected. Its sad that the poor old "noah" shark is getting such a bad wrap in the media these days, actually no, since the making of JAWS.
    Mind you, if i was a shark and i was constantly having my dinner taken away from me, by both rec, pro and spear fishers, having my fins chopped off by poachers, being poked with powerheads, constantly being eaten, hooked and left to drown, caught in prawn nets, and shot at by lifeguards for being stuck in a stupid net on beach that shouldnt have been there in the first place............... i'd probably be pretty pissed off too, and i'd bite the head of any stupid kid that got in my way. Sharks are top of the food chain in the ocean.... keep killing them indiscrimanately like we do and the natural balance of the ocean gets totally F*$#@D, then we all suffer, i can gaurantee that. We are humans, and we walk on the land - if we were supposed to swim in the sea we would have fins and gills. We chose to enter the sharks domain at out own risk, we should bear the consequences, not the shark.

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    great point made there rafepud!


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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.


    Just want to know if it is legal. Same as the drum line topic..... Wouldn't mind snuggling up to that dollie in ya photie though...

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    I think most people who live on canal blocks have set up lines overnight to see the dead catch in the morning ... What do you all think of that ? 8)

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    Re: Drum lines for Sharks.

    adam this is one think i really hate
    these are also the same people that normaly hate setlineing in the freash water but do the same off their jettys with a rod over night!
    for some reson they think haveing a rod and reel in a rod holder with 80lb line on it over night while leveing it unattended is not setlineing

    also gives me the poops when trying to cast my lures to thses same pontoons and unbale because of the lines

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