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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    As a teenager, a monster flathead at Settlement shores, port macquarie on live yabbies. Hooked through the gills, just as I was going to pick him up out of the water, the hook let go, he dropped into the shallows, but I stepped on it, and managed to get it out of the water. Over 40cm of tasty flathead by the way !

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    Was using a drag net in Boggy Ck at the mouth of the Brissy R. me on the deep end of course when the net started to shake like buggary. Course, first thought was shark in that dirty water and did a quick runner to the shore. Pulled the net in and was a monster flattie (90cmplus) in the net. What had caught him was a hook he had obviously broken off someones line above the swivel and the hook caught in the net and the trace had pulled through his mouth and the swivel had caught in the boney part of his jaw. Was all we caught all day and it was before the size limits came in.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    When i was a young fella our family (Dad and 3 brothers) were fishing on the Ballina wall trying for a few faltties and Whiting, there wasn't much happening and I got bored pretty quickly. I noticed a few puffer fish swimming around the rocks directly in front of me so I decided to give them a teasewith my bait then pull it out of the water before they could grab it. I was doing this for about 3 minutes when all of a sudden from under one of the rocks swims a big Luderick that engulfs my bait and swims off. After a short fight I land it and was the only one that day who caught a take home fish......

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    Was fishing in tin can bay over new years just gone, using poppers in a small creek as the sun was setting pretty much right on low tide, hoping to get myself a jack. Couldn't raise anything so I started heading back for dinner when I spied a small ray muddling up the bottom in ankle deep water, for a laugh I cast my popper past him and onto the exposed sand on the other side of the creek, as I ripped it back into the water and near where the ray was, the water erupted and my popper and line starts heading up stream only to be pulled up short by the locked drag I had going for the jack I was after. A few seconds later I lifted out a small bream just under 20 cms. Thats him in the avatar pic.

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    Smile Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    So many great stories in here, great thread,
    And to continue with some of the posts abut grinners
    got one on a marlin lure outside moreton, the lure was almost twice the size of the grinner.......
    And my dad had hooked something when we were bottom bashing, while in the process of bringing it up, he said it felt like it just got heavier, (sorta like the opposite of when a shark takes the body of your hard earned fish and leaves the head for you...... ) and it was a whiptail plus a grinner, it had grabbed the whiptail about half of it in its gob , got both fish into the boat had pictures, but sadly only the whiptail was realesed unharmed

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    Have read a article earlier this year from australian angler mag i think where a guy spotted something large in the shallows while go for a morning flick in his boat. Turned out it was a 10kg+ jewie that had made a guts of itself on a big black bream...ended up stuck in it gills...he had photos and all....old mate just motors over, grabs it buy the tail...lucky fella... (Doesn't mention if he is irish or not).. and that can be fishing.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    I read that story too poppers.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    I was fishing with my girlfriend at Eli Creek at Hervey Bay a just before Xmas it was right on dusk and she just landed an undersized Estuary Cod and need help getting the hook out so we could throw him back. I lay my Pfluger on top of the nearest mangrove branch so that my reel would not get sandy or wet. After helping her out, I went back to my rod to resume fishing and noticed that it had fallen onto a lower branch. When I retrived my line I had a weight on the end which turned out to be the biggest bream I have ever caught. Pretty happy about that, although I was disappointed that I had not experienced the strike and there was no fight from this fish. Tasted bloody good though and we ended up with another two good sized bream each and a nice Moses pearch which was mighty tasty.

    When I was a kid staying at noosa, I was fishing on a pontoon, I had not landed anything good all week long and on the 2nd last day I landed a huge sand crab on my line which initally I though was weed until he was out of the water and I had no net to land him in, luckily he landed the right way on the pontoon and was able to put my foot on him and scream for my sister for the net and bucket. Crazy few moments.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    A couple come to mind

    First one ... last year .... I had a wind knot ...& while re tying the leader (I had the leader in my teeth) .... a bream of about 30cm grabbed the SP I was using which had fallen off the gunnel into the water ..... I was quick enough to grab the leader ... & the rest is history ( a handlined bream on a SP .... a first for me)

    The second one ..... during the mid 90s I was heading out off Narooma to do some cubing for Yellowfin Tuna .... The conditions were quite glassy with only a little roll. So i'm running at about 30knts in my CC ... when just in front of me to the starboard .... I see some (quite a lot) of sauries fleeing ... that were on a collision course with me !!!
    Before I had a chance to react (slow down) & drop some lures over the side .... there was an enormous crash on the console A yellowfin in an attempt to hit the sauries mid air ..... had jumped into my boat (about 20kgs) ...... A rod was broken ... & the console had a cracked screen along with half the bolts that hold the console in place were popped!
    & we never turned a reel that day

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    Well, I was fishing at Nudgee Beach with no bait and I pulled in a 25cm Bream on just a bare red hook. I also was fishing at Nudgee Beach and caught a Toadfish around 4cm, it died as the hook went through there neck , anyway I through it out seeing what would eat such a thing and I started getting nibbles, then I was on to a resonable size fish. When he came to the surface he was a 51cm Pike..

    Cheers Tom

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    Many moons ago I was over at Amity point fishing around 10 pm. It was a quiet midweek, but I had an 8 year old spectator behind me watching. I had one rod in with a live pike and after 20 mins in, it began to twitch. Reeled in slowly and two rather large squid were sucking the guts out as usual. Not having anything to land them with, or take them with, I set my rod down and began a commando crawl to the lowest part of the jetty above the water line. Meanwhile I was leading the two "wrist" thick squid as close as possible to a pillon. The kid had no idea what I was doing as he hadn't spotted the squid yet. I hid behind the pillon, and then in a flash, I lunged at number one with my hand - my aim was good - I had grabbed him around the torso and I stood up with him squirting ink past the kid who had the most astonished and memorable look of WTF. The kid muttered "god, did you just grab that out of the water!!" - yeps I said as I put it in the bucket and then went back to get the second.
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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    caught a little bream hook no where near the mouth.. my hook had wrapped round and hooked onto the line to form a loop which then got caught round the fin of the fish lasoo style fishing gotta love it

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    hi i have had a few they are:
    1. i caught an estuary cod at nudgee beach over a sandflat that was a metre deep.
    2.a snapper in fiji off the beach on nothing but a hook and sinker.
    3. a small queenfish at nudgee creek quickly winding in my hook with a bit of squid on it.
    4. a parrot fish at bulcock beach on a prawn targeting bream

    maybe its Luck

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    Very funny's nice when your mates are too busy rolling around in the bottom of the boat wetting themselves at you to

    Was unhooking a cod & had reeled in the other rod out of the way, meanwhile the boat had blown up against the started to idle out from the bank, the other rod which had a lure dangling just on the top of the water, accidently dug in and landed a nice 70cm cod in about 2ft of water.....SERIOUSLY!!!

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught????

    On a fishing trip out on the Condamine when I was a snotty nosed grommit, I had a piece of line wrapped around my finger with a bare hook attached to the other end, flicking it in and pulling it out while I walked along a sandy bit of bank, this was back when the water was a lot clearer.
    Flicked it in with my mind a million miles away and bang, the line started pumping and moving all over the place, scared the hell outta me, heaved back and pulled in a nice little yellowbelly.
    Good thing it wasn't a good sized cod or I'd be picking my nose with my middle finger

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