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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Was whiting fishing with worm on the hook and the rod bent. Picked it up and thought gee I'm on to a good Whiting here. Half way back to the boat and line started peeling off real quick all of a sudden. I was only fishing light 2kg and I fought for about 5 min. Pulled in a 95cm Flathead with hook in mouth and a 27cm whiting sliding up and down the trace via it's lip. Two for the price of one, now that's what I call flukey fishing.
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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    it was my dad i had a good hit and miss it snaped my line and you would not dream of it not ten minutes later the old man pulls in a bream only small but bugger me it not only had his hook in its mouth mine was there to talk about not wasting tackle

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    1. Went offshore from Lakes Entrance after snapper. Got a few as well as some decent sized barracouta. On one drop I got nailed on the way down, obviously a couta...

    Got him in. He had swallowed the sinker, and it came out the gills.

    2. Went on a camping trip to Coolpin Gorge, Kakadu. Had a handline and a lure. As a keen carnivore I'd eaten all the meat, so the vegos I was with were all happy, but I was hanging out. Anyway, no hits for a while, then I noticed a barra follow my lure to the bank so I stopped pulling. 2 ft from the bank, and my feet the water exploded. I just fell back with my dinner flapping around on the sand. Awesome place.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    tarted fishing then got a huge run, then it seemed i had lost the fish, wound in and there was a little slimy on my hook. Now every one on the boat was cracking themselves up, asking me if i needed help in landing the big monster.....
    Anyway, put the slimy on for bait and before the bait got to the bottom, 20kg mach tuna, my turn to laugh because no one else had caught a fish yet
    Same day, about to pack up and im on, fighting the fish for 30-45 mins, anyway, gaffed an brought onto the boat, a 20-25kg cobia, hooked in the top of the head.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    2 fish on one hook. One 30ish cm bream on the hook, and a 39cm bream that was half hitched around the bottom jaw with the leader.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    i was fishing at Cressbook dam one day and we hadnt caught anything in 5 or so hours and we went to this bay and had fished there on and off for about five t imes. We had the sounder and everything and then i said to my bro there are still fish around it doesnt have to be shown on the sounder and i cast my line out and started winding in my lure two turns of it and landed a 31cm bass and my first one at that

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    loco pez reminded me of the time when i as fishing the pin with Windsor FC.
    I had been working the banks in the club row boats for hours with little to show. I decided to return to the banks for some R&R. Both rods were hanging over the stern and in the water with bait on I assume. When i awoke from my rest I went down to the boat the tied had gone out I noticed that both rods were bent over. The tied had gone out and I had hung to whitting both keepers.

    PS. any QLD Windsor FC members on line my grand father was Sketter (Bill Ketter). Foundation and life Member.
    Love to hear from you.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    mackeral fishign.. spinning fast.. could see about 5 coming up after it.. one took the slug about 15cm out of the water.. not a bad spotty.

    and also had a tangle on a baitcaster. fishing off jetty with a nice bit of pilly floating in the air.. and got grabbed by a longtom about 10cm out of the water

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    caught a 60cm mullaway near the barrage and it had busted of a previous fisho but still had the hook and trace in its mouth with a swivel on the end of the trace , and my hook went through the swivel eye ha ha couldnt believe it when i landed it trying to work out what happened.

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    Last I would have had a better chance catching lotto, quite a few years ago I was spearfishing, when I speared a large bream in shallow water, the spear landed in the sand with an exagerated puff of sand. When I pulled it out I had not only speared the bream, but cleanly shot in the head a 55cm flathead buried in the sand!

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    The only ever time I've caught an archer fish would also have to be the flukiest. Had been casting into snags with little happening and as I was just lifting the lure out of the water (I mean just) at the boat, an archer fish nailed the lure. Wasn't much of a fight. Still surprised me though.

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    Flukiest catch for me was at windamere dam near mudgee nsw.Fishing for yellowbelly had caught a few average ones and was gettin dark so pulling lines in and bang hooked 1 got the fish to the bank and netted it only to find he was tangled around the gills and the line continued out the other side with a second fish on the hook.Even got 3 witnesses

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    Got a big Sooty one day that had attacked the little red and white bubble float instead of the live prawn dangling beneath it. The float got caught sideways in it's mouth and the bugger couldn't open his gob wide enough to dislodge it. Released the poor dumb fool to continue to harass schools of little floating plastic things.......
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    chasing tailor of blacksmiths break wall
    almost had a tailor at the rocks when the mother of all flaties hit it and with the luck of a good wave ended in a rock pool got it up
    133cm though big old mum so i let it go at the dismay of few other fisherman

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    What a great thread....

    Reminds me why I love fishing so much... You never know what your gonna get!

    I have a story that might bring a smile.

    While fishing from a Jetty in Sydney harbour, we were visited by a school of Yellowtail Kings. We were not set up for them unfortunately and we hooked at least 15 between us but they all busted us off at the jetty. Next day we came prepared with our heavier gear. Unfortunately word had spread over night and every man and his dog was there.

    We were fishing with much better gear (and a gaff which also never made the first trip) this time although found it much harder to hook one (typical). Fortunately my Father in law landed one.

    Meanwhile I was trying my arse off. keeping a fresh live bait in the water working different depths of the water column etc. There was a lady next to me who was enjoying her first fishing trip. She was using a dodgy Kmart special, with what looked like low budget mono and had a very dead yakka on the hook. I had just lowered a fresh livey over the side in time to see her lower her dead and shockingly presented yakka (Lady you've got no chance.. I thought). When, quicker than an English batsman giving his wicket away, a kingy smashed her ugly bait. She began winding while the drag was peeling, calling for help from her boyfriend, and again I thought, your doomed, any second now "snap". But no, she is rescued, but he also has no clue and just keeps winding like buggery agaisnt the drag. Through some generous act of God they managed to get the fish to the surface and my Father in law set the Gaff. Her first fish ever was a 3-4 kilo yellow tail kingfish.....

    Incidently I am still to land my first Kingy... Maybe I am the one without a clue!



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