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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Caught a 90cm barra in the causeway lake (yeppoon), the fluky part was that I hooked it just behind the pectoral fin. It appeared to have run into the line and got tangled

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Love hercules story thats good stuff. Cant think of anything really flukey. Was fishing off the end of the Mooloolaba rock wall with Franger one day when we ran out of pillies. Had literaly nothing but the tail of a pilly. Like wasnt even any meat on the thing. Fanger flicked it out next thing you know the line is screaming off.... 7lb diamond trevally.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Years ago a mate and i used to take his boat around the bay islands, mainly Green, fishing for snapper.

    We tried and tried but all we ever caught were squire and sweeties up to about a kilo tops.

    anyhow, one day we had planned to go, but there was a NE blowing and we had heard all the stories about catching nothing in a northerly. We decided to go out and have a muck around anyway and took his wife out with us as well, as we thought we would only be an hour or two.

    things were very quiet ( as was usual for us) then after about 30 mins, my mates alvey starts giving line at a rate of knots. He strikes, hooks up, and feels the weight of a nice fish.

    He fought it for a couple of minutes, while i was giving his nerves a workout telling him "c'mon Stu, don't blow it, this is what we've been waiting for" another minute or so passes, knees knocking, then i slide the net under a lovely 3kg squire.

    happy as a pig in it, i hold the leader up and lift him out of the net. which is when we noticed that he didn't have the hook in his mouth. In fac t, the hook never pierced the fish at all!

    the line was going across the his mouth, behind both pectoral fins and the hook had come around and looped back over the trace. Result: one "hogtied" squire.

    We got three more the same size that day. So much for the "Northerly winds " theory.

    Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. But ,flogging him into submission will result in him taking up crabbing.... and once he gets a taste of that sh*t, well, he may never return again.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    At this years Evans Head Classic I pulled a 4 kg snapper to the back of the boat. Being a lazy bugger I went to lift him in and cut the line on the prop. My 12 year old son around 5 minutes later hooked a big one and when he got it to the boat he had hooked the same fish by the sinker. Used the net that time. And he claimed it.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Years ago I used go crabbing on the old wooden bridge at currumbin creek,qld.One night I noticed flashes of silver around my dilly rope hanging from the bridge,on inspection of my dilly trap,2 tailor,which were joined together by fishing line,each had a set of ganged hookes in them and a big knot in the middle of the line,they were swimming side by side up the creek when they went either side of the rope and then continued to swim in circles around my rope.Needless to say they ended up in the pan as the crabs were none existant that night!

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Was fishing wide of the Perron Is once when I commented to my mate on the big rock cod that had just followed my snapper lead to the surface. Next drop the silly bugger tried to eat the thing, got it stuck in his mouth and came over the gunwale still connected. I had to actually twist it out with the pliers, that stupid fish is stiil out there I felt so sorry for him. #

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    At the beginning of the year I decided to take my little estuary tracker tournament 440 off to the 12 fathom reef of the Gold Coast...

    I caught a little yakka and decided to lob it over the side of the boat on my epix efs60 loaded with 12lb line...

    2 minutes later... the livey got smashed and line is stripping off the reel... I finally tighten the drag and set the hooks... The line begins to surface and a nice black marlin leaps out of the water...

    What an experience in a little boat... That is probably why the missus and I have now purchased a real offshore rig!


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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Hi all
    I was bait catching with the kids and freinds in a creek near Turkey Beach with a bait net, i was sitting on my but holding the net near a mud cliff when the mullet started hitting the net. The next thing the net was nearly ripped out of my hand so i lifted it up and here was a good size mangrove jack on the opposite side of the net to mullet with his teeth caught in the net. Needless to say i held the net in my mouth and grabbed this B---- with both hands cutting and spiking myself pretty severely. I didn't let him go. My mate was so p---ssed off as we have been jack fishing for ages without result and i caught one in front of him with my bare hands. He got photo's and still won't forgive me.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    well, mine would have to be a 3.4 kg trevally that i caught off the dunwich jetty...
    i was fishing about 4:30 am dark as shit and cold also, i was catching smaller trevally great fun on light tackle. there was a bunchof chineze fellas on the oppisite jetty after awhile they cam over and where whaching me fish.

    after about 5-10 min of nothing i tried a berkley gulp 5" 2nd cast smash.....oh yer this was bloody huge took me a while to get it close but the problem was the spot where they hang is betwen about 11 large poles covered in oysters. fought sooo hard not to get caught up but it failed the fish rapped itself around that pole and i was stuffed.

    after awile i desided not to bust it off but slowly pull on the line but really slow, i had a 30" leader so i thought i might get it after about 11 min pulling it finally gave up and all my work paid off...

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    I guess mine would have to be a 7.5kg Spanish Mackeral caught at Swains Reef (200klms NE of Gladstone) last year.

    We had been drifting in about 40m of water and the fish weren't playing the game for about an hour or so. I had a dropper rig down for about 5 mins or so with a couple of chunks of tuna on each hook.

    Getting bored I decided to check the baits reeling in at a lazy rate just shooting the breeze with a few of the guys sharing a laugh when about halfway up got smashed by something #

    We had a few sharks hitting our baits so I assumed it was only a bloody shark so I locked the TLD25 to full lock and decided to have some fum and pump and wind as fast as I could #

    After giving it my all without caring if I got busted off given I had a single 9/0 hook on and 50lb mono dropper, it was expected. The deckie saw it comming and called out "Spanyard !" I looked down to see it start too swim in circles # a bust off for sure coming up.

    I then backed off the drag and took it easy and after about a few bursting runs managed to get it too the surface where the deckie swiftly sunk the gaff in and got it aboard !!

    It was a fluke catch, fishing a single 9/0 hook with a 50lb mono dropper but you couldn't shut me up that night ! #


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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Was out at Mud a few weeks back and the better half was onto a fish.With a nice arc in the rod i had the net ready for what looked like a nice fish.Ended up being another undersized squire that had tangled itself in her line.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Close up

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    First time out at palm reef and the spotties were on. I went with Ross (hubby of Colac Girl) and the fishing was hot. I've got a big spotty thrashing around on the floor (remember this is my first time offshore) and I'm wetting myself. Ross helps me bung it in the esky and his rod goes off again and whilst he's playing it I'm on again. He gets his in first and unhooks it and throws his rod down to help me unhook mine. Next thing I know I'm seeing stars The butt of his rod has come up and hit me squarely on the temple.........luckily he grabbed it. When he threw his rod down the gang was hanging in the water and whilst he was helping me, a bloody big spotty had taken his bare gang If it wasn't for my temple he'd've been one rod light


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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    I wrote about this one before somewhere, but maybe so long ago regulars will have forgotten anyhow.

    Stiglitz wharf, which is next to Rudy Maas in the pin, used to be a popular land based spot for me before the boat. #I had a weird kinda bite that felt like the fish had run me into a snag, but the snag or bottom kept coming, and I could feel a fish on the end of the line.

    What had happened was some poor ol fisherman left his rod unattended, and a reasonable sized bream took the bait by surprize, and managed to pull the whole lot into the drink with him #The rod must have been leaning up on one of the pillars or something.

    So when I came along, I didn't hook the bream the normal way, I hooked the line which was still attached to the bream at one end, and the rod and reel at the other, so I caught all 3!!

    When I grabbed the bream to get the hook out of his gob, only the slightest pressure placed on the hook, and it went " dink" and snapped off half way up the shank. #This fish was in poor condition and hardly had any energy, he must have been down there on his "leash" for some time, not able to feed properly. #I have never felt so much pitty for a fish ever #Come to think of it, I have never had a deep and meaningful conversation with a fish ever # #"You poor buggar, if you had only known to fight just that little bit harder, you would have been free as a bird.!!

    The rod was a piece of garbage, so I threw it away, the reel has since caught many fish, and is a good advertisement for Alvey


    PS. #I let the bream go!!

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    My brother Caught a 42cm bully mullet while tailor spining (hooked in the mouth). He also caught a 2.5 kg flathead on a herring jig, not using any bait on any of the hooks either. it took about 10 minutes to land because the tiny hook was hanging on to the little bit of flesh on the flatheads bottom lip. Nerve racking stuff.

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