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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Couple of experiences.
    1. Fishing for Red Emporer near Bat Reef off Cairns about 3.30am using handlines. Not a lot happening and very little run. Next thing, the lines start to go way out the back of the boat like in a strong tidal run. Says to mate that the tide must have started to move but within 30 seconds changed that to "Shit, the boat is moving, what the **** is happening." Raced forward and checked the anchor rope and sure enough, it is stretched way out front and close to the surface and we are moving through the water. We got towed about for 3 hours and covered many miles, all the time trying to get the anchor and whatever was attached to it up but could not make a lot of ground. Mate stood guard with a knife to attack the rope if needed. Daylight finally gave enough light to see a now very tired manta ray with the anchor rope caught between his mouth part wing things. Managed to get him up enough to see he was a huge mother, meters across so we just cut the rope after dragging him up a much as possible. I suppose it does not rate as a catch but it sure was an experience.
    2. Same as Thrawn, chased a pelican with a huge fish in his gob trying to get airbourne but was having trouble. He spat out a yellowbelly about 4 pound the greedy bugger.


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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    I was fishing at rainbow beach with my uncle years ago and i got board and was waiting to go so i was casting out with no bait seeing how far i could cast when i caught a nice elbow slapper whiting .
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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    My flukiest fish is an easy call, check out my avatar!!


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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    About 5 years ago while flicking lures in Darwin Harbour, my mate got some foreign fireline caught up in his lure. I untangled it for him and started to bring the fireline in. The line took off and after about 10 mins of chasing the fish in the electric motor we netted a 111cm barra and got a bonus gold bomber. We couldn't believe it and I think most people still don't! Fireline sure does hurt the hands when you're using them as a drag!

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    We were heading up the Proserpine river early this month to drop the pots when we saw a lot of splashing so headed over to take a look. A large fish was heading our way on the surface after a run in with a shark. Thought beauty free crab bait and grabbed the landing net. Result 105cm barra minus a bite. Thought about it for a second and it went in the esky. We didn't get any crabs but still enough for two nights dinner for 6 people Best feed of fish I can remember.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Fishing with some non fishing friends on the Noosa River. As his bait swung down off a flat into a channel a big flattie hit it, while trying to bring it in he does just about evry thing wrong you can do. Close to the boat he managed to pop the bail arm and give back a heap of line, flatty starts head shaking and does some sort of crocodile roll. My mate gets himself sorted again, gets it close enough to do a comfort lift. Once the flatty is on the deck I tell him He's a lucky bugger, he replies, I know, great fish isn't it. Didn't have the heart to tell him, so I just reached down and unhooked the hook from around the line and rolled the flathead out of the couple wraps caught around the gill covers and pectoral fins. 55cms of deadset suicidal flattie, I swear my mate did just about all he could to let it get away, while the flattie was working just as hard to stay caught.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Hi Guys,

    Similar to stevedemon i caught a butterbream on the last of a set of ganged 5/0's and a huge pilchard off moffat beach up at caloundra. I didn't know it was on there until i pulled it in.

    Not exactly a sportfish, but a laugh none-the-less.

    Cheers, Lloyd

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    a 2kg jack on frozen beach for schoolies in the river......beat that........

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    My little brother was fishing out of mourilyan harbour a few weeks ago and was trolling around for mackrel. Had a big hit on 1 rod and busted off the lure. Next thing hit another rod and hooked up. Fought the fish for about 20 minutes and got it to the boat. 26kg Spaniard the thing was he hooked the fish through the first lure that he got busted up on. The treble went through the ring of the first lure.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    8kg threadfin salmon on 8lb line with a 2/0 longsahnk whiting hook and live poddy mullet in the Burnett River near the old mollasses wharf. Fought this thing for abouit 1/2 hour. Almost spooled me before we upped anchor and followed it.
    It was the fisrt fish of the day and the esky wasnt big enough so we had to head home. Still one of my best catches.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Another that comes to mind occurred at the same spot while I was fishing of the bank. I was winding in to check my bait when something hit my hook and starting belting. This thing went like a scalded cat! I ended up landing a mullet of about 35cm which I foul hooked through the back while winding in.

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Years ago in NSW I was fishing about 5mile out, bottom bashing. Suddenly the water is boiling all around me, Pilchards everywhere!
    Whatever was chasinig them sent about a dozen of them over the back of my transom and into the well.. Here I am looking at all these pillies kicking around..

    I had a 10kg Stand up outfit in the boat for trolling on the way home, no leader or anything, so I just tied a 4/0 onto it, shoved a pilly on through the shoulder and let it out over the side, about 5mtrs of line

    BANG !! 6KG Kingy is on, and fighting well. Got him on board in about 5 minutes, buut he was still full of energy..

    Made a nice pasta bake with him, mmmmmm
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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Cant think of one myself but can remember a fish my old man caught. we were swimmin in the surf down at Batemans Bay and could see a pod of dolphins out further. next thing dad feels somethin bump into his gut and put his arms out to see wat it is and pulled up a john dory. the dolphins had chased it in as there were a few scratch marks but it still ate well haha. i thought that was a pretty flukey catch

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    years ago was fishing in tally creek off the end of a stormwater pipe that ventured into the creek only about a metre . i had a bit of mono tied to the blunt end of a gaff with a no. 10 hook and a bit of bread as bait trying to catch some small livies when a flatty of about a kilo jumped on . Fearing the hook would pull as it was tied to a gaff with no give , i turned the gaff over and gaffed it of course Now thats a fluke

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    Re: What is the "Flukiest" fish u have ever caught

    Bought a new TLD25 on a backbone full roller 15kg rod, put 40lb mono on it.

    Was supposed to go to Moreton with some mates for a fishing trip, they left a day early and had caught the entire catch limit by the next day. On day one his TLD25 gave up and mine was the only one left. 1st drop and up comes an 8kg kingy.

    Wonder if I can claim the fish????

    Next time out with him I caught nothing from 4pm through to 11am nexxt morning. He and the other guy pulled in about 20 fish between them. I said thats it, started pulling myline in and it was realy heavy. No fighting, but a 7.5kg cod was on the end. I CAN claim that one.

    Now here is a good one, just check out the picture



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