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    GPS Software for Garmin 12

    Is anyone using quality software to log waypoints? If so, is it freeware? Can you print a map? Any other useful features?

    I have a Garmin 12 so it needs to be compatible with this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: GPS Software for Garmin 12


    Suggest you have a look at Oziexplorer # developed by Des Newman in Brisbane.

    I use it in conjunction with my GPS12, great software. You can import maps and log way points, plot routes, etc, etc.

    You can download a demo copy from the website.

    A free program available for downloading and uploading your waypoints is Waypoint+ you can get it from

    You will need the date lead to go from your GPS to your computer, you can buy these for anywhere from $50 to $80 or you can buy the plug for $5.00 and make your own.

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    Re: GPS Software for Garmin 12

    Another freeware waypoint management is

    There are others (some are freeware others buyware) but for simply waypoint management (upload/download) the Waypoint+ works as does EasyGPS.

    Cheers, Kerry.

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