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    What VHF unit to buy?

    At the moment i am looking for a new VHF unit to buy. But i carn't decide which one. What i am after is to see which unit others are useing and to see what problems if any that they have had.
    Also in the past i've allways bought the biggest arial possible for what ever unit i had. Now by a dealer they are saying that the hieght of the base for a VHF arial is the most important thing not height.
    Any info would be helpful
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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    Love my Icom.

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    Ive always used either uniden or the GME, but im getting the jack of them, i may invest in something different, some of these newer units maybe worth a go, like the navman, icom etc. Has anyone got an Icom 402, im interested in this unit and what its worth...foxy

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    dfox, this is e-mail i received from three rivers marine.
    all US$ 402s works out around the aud$260 mark landed

    The price of the Icom IC-M402 is $179.00 and the price of the IC-M402S is $159.00. The difference is that the IC-M402 can use a Command Mic and the IC-M402S can't. It only uses the mic that is on the front of the radio. If you only need one mic, the IC-M402S is the way to go. Shipping and insurance by USPS Global Express Mail (3 to 5 day delivery time) would be $37.00. It is the cheapest way and the way we usually ship to Australia. Also keep in mind that any price listed as M.A.P. on our website is not the selling price, so always e-mail us for the selling price on any M.A.P. item. The M.A.P. prices are merely the lowest prices the manufacturer will let us advertise at.

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    I've had GME for years. Best thing is to keep them away from the sea spray, as for all radios/ electronics.

    It's not good enough to tuck them away somewhere, they should be enclosed.

    Also, warranty counts, Aussie repairer, repair costs etc. Not that one would want to have one repaired.


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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    Whitworths have some good deals on VHF units at the moment

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    I rang them up yesturday and the only one they had on special was a UHF.
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    Just shows you that the salesman didn't know what he was talking about.
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    My Icom402 is very good. Great sound, compact and it has very good range. Easy to use and built in Japan so the quality is outstanding.

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    my next one will be a icom have had gme and uniden both have been good but i like the feature of the icom with changing channels from the hand peice as well as the body

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    I swear by the Icom's, may be a little "exe" but quality does come with a price... we have been using 7 of them at the base and on the boats and never had a problem with any of them for about 5 years now... another good feature is that the microphone is replacably by unplugging them if your boat and set does cop a major drenching... the sets are designed to take a pounding from surf and spray but with most sets the microphones can really be a weak point with waster ingress... simply unplug and dry out or service yourself if need be.... if you have a few spare $$$ you can carry a spare.... of course most of us wouldnt, myself included
    Happy buying
    Cheers Lloyd

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    Re: What VHF unit to buy?

    I bought one of the New Uniden Solara DSC Submersible VHF Marine Radio's. Picked it up on ebay for $225, brand new form a marine in Carins. Absolute brilliant machine. Has the speaker at the front, so you can hear it. You can wire any GPS into it and when in emergence will send your GPS coordinates to the VMR. Great big screen to see the channels and is all fully water proof. So for open boats like my CC, it is perfect. Have a look at these before you spend the extra on Icom....
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