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    Lowrance 107c Owners---Update from Brejen thread

    I just spoke to tech support @ Lowrance regarding the software problem with the 107c units.

    The tech guy ask for the address for this site, so he could inform customers via posts here about the problems and there fix for this unit.

    This is a addon to ausfish member "brenjen" thread :'ATTENTION Lowrance 107c Owners"



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    Re:  Lowrance 107c Owners---Update from Breje

    these guys have to be one of the most helpfull companys i had to deal with. I rang them re a problem with my X85 and helped to no end. Then when i mentioned the 107 and that afew of you guys on here had them straight away they wanted me to get in contact with you blokes, can't complain about that. Hope all works out for the rest of 107 owners, I hope to be one of them myself real soon.

    It's FULLY SIC man

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    Re:  Lowrance 107c Owners---Update from Breje


    I had my doubts about them..but since I have been to their HQ and spoken to the guys ...I am a very happy person, and relaxed about owning a Lowrance unit ...they treated me like I was a friend, took me straight into the tech test room and tested my unit there and then.

    When I rang them today I was told they have a few things to sort out with the software, and asked for my mobile number so they could ring me soon as the software was ready install.

    They also showed great interest in Ausfish,(they had been looking for the forum, you had mentioned to them but forgot the name) so they could relay any info to concerned Lowrance owners about problems and fix's they were working on.

    For a big company to treat a customer like he/she was gold, is priceless.



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